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Southwest Florida College is a career-oriented college located in Fort Myers, Florida. The college focuses on careers that are in demand and benefits students with hands-on, pertinent, current training for their future careers. Not only do students gain the necessary skills to start their career, but they are guided from enrollment to employment.

Southwest offers online programs for students that can’t make it to Fort Myers to physically attend campus. There are programs available online in the fields of Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, Health Information Technology, Early Childhood Care & Management, Management, Medical Billing & Coding, Health Care Administration, and Early Childhood Education. Online programs are conducted in a straightforward format and with the same care and quality as career programs held on campus.

Students working within an online program operate in the same manner as programs held physically on site. The only difference is that classes are conducted online using standard online courseware. This courseware allows lectures, notes, assignments, projects, coursework, and student-instructor communication to occur in an asynchronous and live format. From there, earning one’s degree is as simple as completing a selection of online courses.

Students and reviews alike remark about the highly personalized atmosphere. Instructors at Southwest Florida College take care to ensure that the student grasps the material and improves their skills. This type of training is not only beneficial to the student, but is crucial for certain careers, such as in Health Care and Criminal Justice. The college declares itself as “a college listening to employers”. It is this direct trainer-employer relationship that makes these career programs so integral.

There are 10 total degrees and diplomas offered, making Southwest Florida College that of a focused, specialized institution. The fields of Medical Billing & Coding Technology and Early Childhood Care & Management are Diploma programs. Paralegal Studies, Management & Marketing, Early Childhood Education, Criminal Justice, & Health Information Technology are offered as Associate degrees. There are bachelor’s degree programs in Management, Criminal Justice, and Health Care Administration.

There are many more studies to choose from on campus. There are four physical locations in Fort Myers, Tampa, Port Charlotte, and Bonita Springs. These locations offer programs in Engineering, CAD Design, Digital Design, Education, and more programs, majors, minors, concentrations, and certificates than can be listed here. The current set of online opportunities marks the entry of future programs in different majors. Selection will expand with each year.

There are also a variety of tuition assistance programs at the college designed to invest in aspiring learners and less fortunate students with tuition aid. One can make use of federal resources, for example. Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and Federal Work-Study are all programs that can be applied for at no cost. There are also federal loans, like the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan program and the Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students program. All of these resources regularly reward and benefit students in need of financial assistance.

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