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´╗┐Southwest University is a fully-accredited university that exclusively offers distance learning. There are many options to choose from and, best of all, students can access their tools to success from virtually any place on the globe that supports the Internet. This flexibility attracts droves of students with each coming year and is leading to continual expansion of online education variety.

Southwest University’s online education format is by no means detached. Students, despite their distance, can benefit from personalized attention and accessible staff. Quality distance education is at the forefront of the university’s endeavors.

There are 17 degree programs between Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees. Associate degrees can be earned in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and General Studies. The general studies option is provided so that a student doesn’t have to declare a major within their first two years of studies. It can function as a general education degree that applies to later become a bachelor’s degree at Southwest University, or at other accepting universities.

A four-year undergraduate can earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration as a standalone or with concentrations in Human Resource Management, International Business, Leadership & Management, Management, Marketing, Organizational Management, and Science in Criminal Justice. These degrees are oriented towards pertinent, business-related career opportunities. Southwest University is invested mainly in corporate career provision.

There are Master’s Degrees at the graduate level, and doctoral degrees are said to be on their way soon. A student can earn a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Business Administration in Management, a Master of Business Administration in Organizational Management, a Master of Arts in Organizational Management, or a Master of Science in Criminal Justice. In applying to enter a graduate program, virtually any degree from an accredited institution can be accepted.

When enrolling in a particular class, one can note that all courses follow the same general format. This is not to purposefully homogenize the process, but rather to simplify enrollment down to a series of manageable modules. Each student is presented with the course description, an overview of the course material, and an itinerary pertaining to how one completes the course. If the student selects the course, they are presented with a book and study materials.

Tuition is just as straightforward. For associate level study, tuition is calculated per credit hour and that cost is $190, or $570 per 3 credit hour course. The same rate goes for bachelor’s level study. For any of the master’s degree programs, the cost is $250 per credit hour or $750 per 3 credit hour course.

There are a series of financing options which can give a student the leeway and flexibility they need to pay for their courses. Of course, a student can always pay in full. Otherwise, the student can put a down payment on their courses and take on an interest free payment plan. Corporate or military financing is accepted and is common.

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