Southwestern Adventist University Distance Learning

Southwestern Adventist University is a liberal arts university that is located in Keene, Texas. Southwestern Adventist’s approach to education is straightforward. Students gain access to qualified Christian experts that teach them about the fields they desire, all housed within a personalized atmosphere of small classes.

There is distance learning available for adults who don’t have the opportunity to physically attend Southwestern Adventist. There are 24 majors that students can pursue 100% online leading to an associate or bachelor’s degree. There are many options to choose from, giving busy adults not only flexibility, but many options suited to them.

An online student can earn a Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting, Criminal Justice, Corporate Communication, Elementary Education (Early Childhood to 4th Grade), Elementary Education (4th Grade to 8th Grade), Journalism, Management, Mathematics, Nursing, Psychology, Social Science, Social Studies, and Speech. There are Bachelor of Arts degrees in Broadcasting, Business Administration, English, History, Journalism, Mathematics, Psychology, Religion, Social Science, Speech, and Theology.

Adult students can also earn from a variety of business degrees placing them somewhere within a rewarding corporate occupation. The Bachelor of Business Administration is also offered in one of the following fields: Business Administration, Accounting, International Business, Management, and Marketing. It is a popular choice for adults to earn a business degree online from Southwestern Adventist.

Southwestern Adventist also offers teacher certification. Adult students that have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited Texan college can earn their teacher certification online. The teacher certification only applies to Texan schools and can be earned for Elementary and Secondary Education.

Southwestern Adventist is mostly a four-year institution, but also offers some graduate degree programs as well. This is shown in the university’s offering of a Master of Business Administration, although, this is currently the only graduate level study that the university offers. The Master of Business Administration will most likely make a debut in online learning in the near future. Southwestern Adventist University will definitely be expanding its distance education options and, with the Bachelor of Business Administration already in place, an online MBA would be a suitable followup.

The cost of attending this university isn’t that expensive for most students. Nevertheless there is a plethora of financial aid options to help reduce the load of college expenses. 92% of the student body receives grant aid directly from the university itself. This is mostly due in part to the university’s philanthropic approach towards removing cost as a factor of college selection, and some religious merit.

The cost of full-time tuition, without financial aid or deductions, will cost an undergraduate student $14,856 per year. For part-time enrollment, the cost of tuition is calculated at $619 per credit hour. Graduate students pay the same rate and follow the same conditions for part-time and full-time enrollment. The average amount of financial aid received by each student sits usually somewhere above $4,000. The net amount of tuition paid per year per student is, in actuality, under $10,000.

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    I would like to know if you afore the Adventist teacher certififcation program on line .i am living in The Bahamas

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