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Southwestern College is a graduate-level college based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The college focuses its curriculum in Art Therapy, Psychological Counseling, and other Psychology-related studies to create a palette of what the college refers to as “Transformational Therapy”. It should be noted that Southwestern College is the only current college to offer a Master of Arts in Art Therapy.

As a small graduate-level college, Southwestern College doesn’t have the present resources or interest to offer distance education programs. Despite this, there are a few graduate psychology schools, even those centered in holistic and alternative theory, that have offered master’s and doctoral online degree programs. It is simply a matter of time before this college chooses to install online courses.

The offering of the Master of Arts in Art Therapy marks the introduction of a now seriously considered form of therapy. Generally speaking, the field of Art Therapy involves the release of malicious balance in the mind through artistic outlets, namely expression. Students learn first to engage in expression through various art mediums and then apply this practice to client-based therapy. The psychological understanding behind art and the mind makes the difference between arts & crafts and an effective alternative to conventional therapy.

Students can also earn a Master of Arts in Counseling. A benefit of obtaining knowledge pertaining to common psychological fields at Southwestern College is that the college integrates personal, emotional, societal, and spiritual understanding in a more holistic view of counseling and therapy. In this way, the college has helped its students develop a deeper, more integral understanding of the people they work with.

Alongside this philosophy stands the Southwestern Counseling Center. This center provides affordable counseling to patients seeking alternative, or new forms of therapy. This has helped to serve the regions therapeutic needs as well as provide practical experience for Southwestern College students. In a sense, this can also be viewed as a form of research, thus furthering the understanding of the college’s subjects by case studies.

Tuition is affordable for most students. The cost per year totals $17,280 per year for students that engage in full-time study, for tuition costs alone. Part-time study is added up at $360 per credit hour and applies to students who are taking less than 12 credit hours per semester.

Most students pursue Counseling Therapy, with Art Therapy being a somewhat equitable alternative by popularity. It can be said that Art Therapy is the developing field which will later overtake the focus in Counseling-related topics at the college. There are still yet subfields created to give students some specific options, such as in Health Professions studies or Counselor Education. Many students have used their knowledge for teaching professions, as opposed to vocations in professional psychology. There are still yet emerging applications for holistic therapy variants, as well as counseling therapy variants. In the future, Southwestern College will definitely be expanding.

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