Southwestern Oklahoma State University Distance Learning

Southwestern Oklahoma State University is a public, state-supported university with locations in Sayre and Weatherford, Oklahoma. What drives this state university is friendly service to the community and the thousands of aspiring students that come to learn each year. The university gives students options in education from the associate degree level up through the doctorate level.

There is distance education available to students in the form of off-campus sites as well as some online resources. Online courses are available in limited quantity to graduate students. One can only take 9 credit hours per semester (3 online courses, roughly) online that can be applied to a graduate degree.

Distance learning is conducted through interactive video to off-site campuses and some individual locations. The use of interactive video is provided as an alternative to the typical online course format. To administer this video, one must contact the university and arrange for the video to be transferred to your location.

The only program that makes use of web-based courses is the nursing program. This program is a four-year program bringing students from a Registered Nurse to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In some cases, students have had to exhibit a brief residency to complete their studies, but most students have been able to opt out of the physical requirements with alternative arrangements.

There is also a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, Management, and Finance that can be earned with a unique program. This “2 + 2” program allows a student to complete their generic, two-year studies at a pre-approved community college, while earning credits for their bachelor’s degree at the university. This can also benefit a student by providing a distance education degree completion program for business students holding an associate degree.

There are also graduate programs offered at a distance. There are no doctoral degree programs, however, there are five master’s degree programs designed to expand upon a previously earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. These five master’s degree programs are the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Science in Business Administration, the Master of Education in School Administration, the Master of Education in School Counseling, and the Master of Education in Community & Agency Counseling Programs.

Tuition rates, regardless of whether or not a student is a resident of Oklahoma, are very low. For in-state students, the cost of tuition is $3,360 per year, assuming full-time enrollment (between 12 and 18 credit hours per semester). Otherwise, tuition is calculated at $137 per credit hour. For out-of-state students, the costs are $8,700 per year and $315 per credit hour, respectively.

Graduate students pay $3,288 per year if they are taking 12 or more credit hours and are considered residents of Oklahoma, otherwise they pay $8,520 per year. The cost of part-time enrollment is $162 per credit hour for in-state students. For out-of-state students, part-time education comes at the cost of $380 per credit hour.

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