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Spalding University is a university that shares affiliations with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and is located in Louisville Kentucky. The university’s motto is “What do you want out of life?” marking the staff’s commitment towards getting students where they desire to go. In this way, Spalding University has continually served the Kentucky commonwealth and has expanded the opportunities that have kept the university and community alive.

Spalding University does not appear to feature open distance learning programs, but rather a few courses or hybrid options for students that want to take some of their studies off campus. Most likely, there will be an expansion of distance learning opportunities to an open online format. For now, online courses are limited and will be reserved for students already enrolled on campus.

Spalding is a university that does not follow the standard convention of general education followed by major-centered courses. Instead the university fits its style of education into a malleable framework designed to adapt to each student’s needs. All of this is bound to an interdisciplinary framework that explores the liberal arts and integrates the experience into intellectual understanding.

Undergraduate tuition is affordable, at just $16,800 per year, provided that the student is enrolled in their studies full-time. Part time study is calculated at $560 per credit hour. Graduate students pay only $11,340 per year if they are taking courses full-time. Otherwise, they’ll pay $630 per credit hour.

After completing the core framework of knowledge and coursework, a student has a few focused options to choose from. These academics span the range of Accounting, Business, Education, Applied Behavior Analysis, Communication, Nursing, Liberal Studies, Natural Science, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, and Psychology. There are also two master’s programs for students that want to continue their education at Spalding.

A graduate student can earn from two degrees: a Master of Fine Arts in Writing, or a Master of Science in Business Communication. These two options provide different pathways, one that leads into a more artistic, expressive path or a teaching career, the other puts a student into a more calculated, corporate environment. Either of these degrees require the same work and are provided in lieu of more graduate options.

Grant aid is alloted to 3 out of 5 students on average each year. These grants are awarded partly on an academic basis, but some are awarded through the devices of religious merit. The average amount awarded per student per year is $1,765. Federal grants, mainly Pell Grants, are supplied to 94% of the student populace with the average amount equaling roughly what the university itself awards. These financial aid sources, combined with state and local sources can bring the average cost to beneath $10,000 per year for full-time study. This leaves just 88% of the student body to partake in student loans, some originating from school finance options, others taking from private and federal sources.

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