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One of the best, most valuable skills you can have in the competitive workforce we have in our economy is being bi, tri, or multi-lingual. One of the easier languages and most used in the United States besides English is Spanish. The diverse cultures, the different dialects depending on where one is from or where one learns from, as well as colorful society and idioms allow for Spanish to be one of the most beautiful languages.

Translates to "you" in English. (photo by smoMashup_)

Translates to “you” in English. (photo by smoMashup_)

On the off-chance that you never had the opportunity to learn Spanish, luckily for you – there is – a way to learn Spanish anytime, anywhere with the aide of a computer and internet connection. Intended for foreign students, Spanish Course offers knowledge in the following: Spanish courses in Spain, School Trips to Spain, Online Spanish Courses, Free Spanish Resources, Video Conference Spanish Lessons, among others.

The entire program was developed by these two people: Fernando Perez Cos and Mercedes Sanchez Herreros. Cos is the director, a Spanish Tutor at the University of Surrey. He also co-authored a Spanish textbook entitled, “Ponte al Dia AS/A2.” Herreros is the program manager, a Spanish Teacher who also has a MBA/BA in Law. She designs the courses online.

Perhaps you need more reinforcement to know that Spanish Course is effective – and well worth your money. One thing that most other language sites can not say is that the Spanish Course has been accredited with the European Award for Languages in 2001. Since then, there was only room for improvement. Additionally, there are several institutions that collaborate with them to create what is their language program. From ICEX to the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM,) Spanish Course has several collaborators that support their cause.

Are you settled now? If so: here┬áis a list of the requirements to utilize all of the tools that they offer. From the free Cisco Webex – which is their preferred method of videoconference software – to setting up a Skype account.

Although the program costs money, there is a free beginner’s course that you can use to not only test out if you find their method of teaching to be effective enough for your liking, but to also gain foundation into the language that is Spanish. However, you will find the prices to be reasonable. Here is a price list if you need assurance. Honestly, if you find the trial run to be helpful – it is worth investing in. You can even pay as you go, if you find that you want to stop learning with Spanish Course (but I insist you continue learning, regardless of with what company!) With teacher’s support and video conferences via Skype, it’s as if you are in a real class. A real class, that runs on your time.

Wanna get plugged in? Here’s the link to their Facebook page. After all, if you’re going to do anything, you should be plugged in one hundred percent.

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