Spartanburg Methodist College Distance Learning

Spartanburg Methodist College is a junior college that is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The college is one of few that dedicates itself to a student’s freshmen and sophomore year of college. Students come to earn an associate degree or certificate to transfer into a university or college offering higher learning at the four-year level. Spartanburg Methodist College does not offer distance learning, although it may in the future.

Since the college has simply acted as a stepping stone for students to earn their four-year degrees elsewhere, the college has no immediate reason to offer distance learning over the net. Many junior colleges have offered distance learning nevertheless and Spartanburg is likely to follow suit in the near future. The college offers students two standard associate degrees, the Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science. These degrees come with a variety of concentrations and selectable frameworks of study to better prepare the student for engagement in their field of choice.

There are also two non-conventional accredited degrees offered: the Associate of Science in Criminal Justice and the Associate of Arts in Religious Studies. The Associate of Science Criminal Justice can be used for a variety of purposes. One of them is to gain entryway into a criminal justice vocation that promises future career opportunities, but that requires some credentials to pursue at first. Another use for the degree is to apply it for further study, like, say, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. There is also a Paralegal Certification program.

This is designed to work in tandem with the Associate of Science in Criminal Justice and qualify a student for immediate employment after they finish their two-year study. The certificate wouldn’t limit them from further pursuing law-related topics, but rather embolden them to earn a living that will boost their future career opportunities. The Associate of Arts in Religious Studies is a degree that doesn’t rely on immediate career offerings outside of campus. Instead, students pursuing an Associate of Arts in Religious Studies should look to the Christian community for career offerings, as there are plenty. The A.A. can also be used to pursue baccalaureate degrees in Ministry, Pastoral Leadership, and Theological Studies later on in college.

For a year of study at Spartanburg, a student will pay $11,566 for tuition fees alone. This is somewhat affordable for a two-year college, and becomes much more affordable with the deductions of financial aid. Per credit hour, a student enrolling in less than 12 credit hours per semester pays $312. Due in part to community and Methodist resources that the college regularly receives, students do not lack financial aid. An annual average of 86% of students receives grant aid each year from the college itself. The average amount received by each of these recipients is about $2,000. This, combined with other financial aid sources brings the average net amount paid per year down beneath $10,000 per year.

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