Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies Distance Learning

Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies is one of the leading Jewish organizations in America and is located in Chicago, Illinois. The institute is not affiliated with any particular sect or Jewish denomination and simply invites people of all backgrounds to learn about the Jewish experience. The institute offers programs in Non-profit Management, Jewish Education, and Jewish Studies.

Spertus Institute, in its purest element, is an atmosphere of intellectual, spiritual, and cultural discourse. Students and scholars alike can learn about many different aspects of Jewish faith and the community. Learning takes place in classrooms, lectures, exhibits, lectures, films, and even concerts for pursuant and continuing studies.

Distance learning is available for a few graduate degree programs. These programs are the Master of Science in Jewish Studies, the Master of Science in Jewish Education, the Doctor of Jewish Studies, and the Doctor of Science in Jewish Studies. Courses taken online along the duration of this program are assuredly the same quality as courses that are held on site at the Chicago location.

When attending courses through distance learning, students have flexibility as to when they decide to participate in their courses. A benefit of this course delivery method is the online access to a variety of graduate-level Jewish studies and resources. Course delivery is also multi-faceted and multimedia. Students can learn from text, audio, video, interactive media, and other innovative methods in education technology.

The Master of Science in Jewish Education, for example, is designed for students that have obtained an accredited bachelor’s degree somewhere in the field of education. If the student has completed none or little coursework in the field of Jewish Studies, they can pursue their education here. Students learn in depth about communal service, history, education, and tradition within Jewish, Hebrew, and Talmudic studies in this program.

The program course split-up is provided as follows. Students must complete 6 courses in Core Studies, as defined by the institute. Then the concentration takes shape over the course of 6 additional courses. Students can then choose 3 electives and then complete one course of study with Hebrew language.

Tuition and fees are kept to a minimum, as the institute is non-profit and tries to remove cost as a factor in selecting Jewish education. Over the course of two years, a typical graduate student will pay $15,000, with a few fees for certain materials. Students pay for books and other learning materials but, other than that, will pay for nothing else, save admission and application fees.

The institute makes regular efforts to bring together people of all faiths. From there, interfaith discourse occurs, all the while enriching the institute’s knowledge and connection to other cultures and faiths. This is also a testament to the institute’s eclectic nature. In conclusion, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies is a place where individuals can join the Jewish community in both learning about and imparting knowledge to others.

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