Spielberg is Now in the Classroom

In many high schools there has been a new program called television production. Before this program, students only got to to practice with family videos and morning shows that didn’t always play. Now they learn a copious amount of camera angles and techniques to get the best effects in a video. Camera angles vary and give the audience certain feelings and thoughts. Some techniques are over the shoulder, panning, vertigo, and cut away. If a camera focuses on an object or person, the director wants the viewer to focus on the object or person. If something is blurred out or not really in the frame, that person or object has lower importance. If a camera goes from one thing to another, the director wants the viewer to think of the connection between both.

Camera training isn’t the only thing that you learn in the class. You also learn how to put videos together with certain  effects and sounds. The first video is a rough draft and then you can make shots transition in certain ways and ass music to give a certain feeling or mood. There are many projects in the class where you get to make short films or videos to let out your creative soul and practice what you have learned. You also analyze other videos that people have made to see others perspectives and possibilities that you could do.

So why take this class? Why even have a program like this? Its more than fulfilling a dream to be a director, It is excellent practice for someone who wants to be a director or in the cinema business in some way but it is more than that. Getting to let out your creative side is healthy and helps life go on easier.

Your  creative side helps you ease your mind and express all your emotions in a healthy productive way. Schools is stressful and can be emotional. Talking about it does help but sometimes all you need is an assignment that will let you paint some thoughts out.

Not only does it help with your emotional health, it helps you understand who you are and who you can be in this world. Television related jobs will always be around because of how dependent our society is on electronics and entertainment. We have gone from a couple of shows to thousands of channels full of weather, comedies, and reality shows. This program being made is more than giving teenagers a random elective, its a chance for them to pursue a possible career and explore their options and creative mind. Who knows, they may have a director inside of them or maybe a camera man.

Becoming a teacher is more than becoming an instructor or representative of a book and the curriculum with it, it is also about guiding your students in whatever way they might need to be guided. This is a career that is becoming popular and could be very beneficial for the student. Many new programs are being made in high schools and they are becoming more and more specific with majors.

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  1. Orlando says:

    Very informative. I wish they had that when I was in high school.

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