Sports And Education

Do you play sports in school? Have you ever thought of the relationship between sports and education? Some people may think playing sports in school is overwhelming because schoolwork and other activities have already taken most of their time. However, playing sports may actually help some students to do better academically. Generally, there should be a positive relationship between sports and education and life!

Being on a sports team can create good memories, and even help you to do better in your school work, believe it or not. ( Photo   by phillisd)

Being on a sports team can create good memories, and even help you to do better in your school work, believe it or not. ( Photo by phillisd)

Physical Education

HOPE (Health Opportunities through Physical Education) is required by many high school for their students to graduate. No doubt that physical education is valued as an important part of education. Especially, obesity percentage among students has been increasing. To make young people in the United States healthier is necessary by emphasizing physical education and sports. Check my post on taking high school physical education online as an alternative way of getting physical education.

Why Is Playing Sport Good For Education?

Playing sports do take a lot of time and energy, but it has much more benefits than drawbacks.

  • Playing Sports Makes You Healthier: As the saying goes, having a healthy body is required to achieve anything else. Playing sports can make you in a good physical shape.
  • It Helps You To Have A Good Mood: Playing sports can adjust one’s mood. People who play sports are less likely to have depression. Students who play sports will find themselves more likely to be positive and can endure harder situations.
  • Keep Good Habits: Playing sports is tiring as we all know. After using a lot of energy after practice or game, people must want to eat and get some sleep. That actually keeps students consuming healthier food and sleep better. Have you ever had the experience that you have a really good and deep sleep after working out?
  • Avoid Bad Influences: Students may use their leisure time playing computers or watching televisions. However, for those who play sports, they usually do not have the extra time to waste on unhealthy hobby. Do you prefer spending free time doing meaningful thing like sports or wasting time on things that are bad for you?
  • Sports Team Requirement: High school sports teams usually have the academic requirement for their players. For example, the players have to maintain a certain grade point average or higher. That gives students incentives to study hard.
  • Education Happens Not Only In Class: Students can learn anywhere, including in a sport team. Playing sports in school teaches students teamwork, leadership, communication, perseverance, and more!
  • Become Socially Educated: You would find yourself meeting great people who have the same interest as you in a sports team. Playing sports with others can create good memories and connections. Being involved and getting connected to other students are good for students to do well in school.
  • Check to learn more about sports’ influence on education and child development.

What Sports Teams Do High Schools Usually Have?

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Wrestling
  • Track and Field
  • Cheerleading
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Golf
  • And more

Check American Sport Education Program’s website by clicking on this link.

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