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Spring Arbor University is a Christian higher education institution located in the city of Spring Arbor, Michigan. The university shares affiliations with the Free Methodist Church. The university is generally considered to be evangelical, so it’s not uncommon to see students actively involved in their faith and its dissemination.

Spring Arbor University makes use of a variety of technologies to offer distance learning to Christians across the country and the World. Online courses are offered in a common online format that all students are familiar with, as these tools are commonly used to aid regular brick-and-mortar courses. Online support is offered to students 24/7 to help the online learning process running as smoothly as possible.

Following a wide selection of online courses is a series of degrees that can be earned at undergraduate and graduate levels. At the undergraduate levels, there are three degrees to select from that are centered in business and professional topics. These three degrees are the Associate of Science in Business, the Bachelor of Science in Business and the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management.

The difference between the Bachelor of Science in Business and the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management is the areas to which either degree applies. Generally speaking either of the degrees can be applied to the other’s sphere of operation with a few key differences. The B.S. in Business is designed to focus on the applied, quantitative side of management, with leadership paradigms best suited to the corporate atmosphere. The B.S. in Organizational Management focuses on a more general organizational framework that can be applied to many different contexts.

There are also many graduate studies to choose from when taking one’s education online. In addition to online courses that can be used to round out one’s study, there is a strong selection of 6 master’s degrees. These degrees are the Master of Arts in Communication, the Master of Arts in Education, the Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation & Leadership, the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Science in Management, and the Master of Science in Nursing.

You may have noticed that these selections are not merely a slightly differing set of options based around the same framework. Rather, one can pursue different routes, such as in Education, Business, and a health science,  Nursing. The degrees do, however, follow the same general framework and can all be completed in 1 or 2 years of study, dependent upon the intensity of the student’s enrollment.

Graduate students don’t have to pay much for their studies, even in the absence of financial aid. For a year of study, a graduate student need only pay $4,988 per year for their tuition dues, assuming full-time enrollment. For part-time enrollment, a student pays $421 per credit hour, following linear rates therefrom. For undergraduate studies, a student pays $18,700 per year or, if they are enrolled part-time, $470 per credit hour.

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