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In 1916, St. Joseph’s College first opened its doors to just 12 students. Today St. Joseph’s has more than 5000 students who are embracing the independent and coeducational college’s liberal arts education programs online and on their Brooklyn and Long Island campuses. There are over 400 faculty members which make for an individualized and personalized educational experience. For the last nine years straight, St. Joseph’s College was recognized by U.S. World and News as one of the nation’s best colleges.

There are four excellent distance learning programs offered at St. Joseph’s. They are Executive M.B.A., Organizational Management, Certificate in Leadership and Supervision, and Certificate in Human Resources. These four distance learning courses are ideal for professionals seeking to further their education or are looking to change careers. The flexibility of taking distance learning courses is exceptional, but a certain amount of dedication and self control is required.

The distance learning E.M.B.A. program offers students the same quality coursework that they would receive in an on-campus setting. This is a 36 credit course designed to help further the student’s career and open up new earning opportunities. The online Organizational Management degree program is ideal for busy people who already are bogged down with the daily responsibilities of work and family. The distance learning students participate in in unique online discussion groups by using the Blackboard software system.

Those who are interested in enrolling online for St. Joseph’s B.S. in Organizational Management or the Executive M.B.A. should have post-secondary education and field experience. It is generally required that the potential student be employed full-time and have a fair amount of of work experience involving specialized training and some degree of personal responsibility. There can be exceptions to these distance learning requirements with the dean’s approval.

St. Joseph’s College is proud of the fact that they remain a top tier college while still being affordable for the general population of students. St. Joseph’s has one of the lowest tuition fee schedules in the state of New York. Financial aid is seen as an investment at St. Joseph’s, one that will continue to pay off for the duration of one’s career. Staff and college advisers are available and eager to assist prospective students with securing the right financial aid they will need to enroll in any of their distance learning or on-campus degree programs. Federal loans, grants, and employer reimbursement programs are just a few of the aid options available to pay for distance learning courses.

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