Starting Young

How much effect does our childhood have on us? Does it matter if our parents exposed us to technology, the outdoors, or multimedia? How exactly do we ensure that our children grow up intelligent? A big fraction of parents are confused on how to properly raise their child. They wonder what they should allow them to watch and what activities they should engage in. No parent can be perfect but with the right guidance they can get closer. Parents need to understand that there is a fine line between being overprotective and being responsible and caring.


With our technology sphere increasing, children are gaining more exposure to it. From mobile phones to gaming systems to mp3 players. It all depends on the age your child is. If your child is too young for comprehend what the it is and how to maneuver the system, it is best to steer clear. They should be given time to learn on their own and through regular interaction. As they grow older, if you are a parent that is a bit afraid of not knowing where your child is, allow them to have a phone. Enable trust in them but still check up on their usage. Then do so with how they act, if they need to be punished, take away their phone or enable restrictions. Do not allow too much freedom. Also, for gaming systems, try and avoid the violent games. They are not suitable for children that are too young. For mp3 players, they should be monitored for which songs are interested in. Additionally, watch for the volume. Children’s ears are sensitive and may be harmed with the radio waves. Technology is apart of their generation, just do not allow too much freedom and do not strangle them with restrictions.

The Outdoors


Too often, the child is either inside a majority of the time or outside for hours. Now the outdoors are important, they enable the child to see the real world and indulge in the beauty of nature. On the contrary, allowing your child to roam freely can be dangerous. It is best to supervise them at all times because of cars, strangers, and other harm. They should have at least 30 minutes to an hour of recess time. That way, they can adapt to the outdoors and learn beyond the walls of their home. It is better to engage them in sports with you.


Multimedia is usually focused on the negatives of society because that is what people are drawn towards. Sometimes they may present information that your child may not fully understand. It is best to allow your child to watch and listen to a small amount at the most. It distorts their vision of the world and they should be watching shows or movies that are age appropriate. Do not expose them to the negativity in society at such a young age. When they grow up a bit more, ease it in if they want to watch.

Essentially, it is not easy being a parent. It is better to do what is best for your child though. Learn and grow with them. Show them the world they are growing up in and all of its aspects.

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