State University of New York at Oswego Distance Learning

State University of New York at Oswego is a public university that is a member of the State University of New York system and is located in both the Town of Oswego and the City of Oswego, New York. The state university is home to over 8,000 students in any given year, but is certainly not a crowded college. Instead, some of New York’s best and brightest faculty flock to the state university to teach.

SUNY Oswego offers a series of online degree options as well as assorted courses for students that don’t find what they need in the present selection. Most of the classes featured online pertain to the degrees offered, but there are other classes relevant to separate majors. SUNY Oswego also assures students that the quality of classes offered online match that of what is offered on campus.

With that in mind, there are 5 main programs. These five degrees are the Master of Business Administration, the Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting & Mass Communication, the Bachelor of Arts in Public Justice, the Master of Science in Education, and an Economics minor program. Each of these programs has their own expansion of opportunities.

The Master of Science in Education comes with a variety of tracks or concentrations. These are Agricultural Education, Business & Marketing Education, Career & Technical Education, Family & Consumer Sciences Education, Health Careers Education, Technical Education, and Vocational-Technical Education. Most of these specializations within the Master of Science in Education program are covered online, while others may require courses to be taken on campus to fill out the requisites.

The Online MBA program deserves particular attention because SUNY Oswego goes the extra mile to individualize each student’s learning experience within their study. In fact, the university proudly states that the Online MBA program is so specific that no two students experience the same thing in their pathways to the master’s degree. This program offers internship and work-study programs to help with the administration of the program. In addition, there are many attachable concentrations, like Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Management, Marketing, etc.

For these master’s degrees, the regular on-campus tuition rates apply. It should be noted that SUNY Oswego makes no distinction in price between a credit earned online and a credit earned on campus. This reflects the university’s assurance that online learning matches the quality of physical in-campus study.

Graduate students pay $6,900 per year if they are residents of the state of New York and are enrolled full-time. If they are enrolled part-time, in-state part-time tuition rates are $288 per credit hour. Out-of-state graduate students pay $10,920 per year for full-time study. Otherwise, out-of-state part-time students pay $455 per credit hour.

Undergraduate resident/non-resident students pay $4,350/$10,610 per year for full-time study. For part-time study resident/non-resident students pay $181/$442 per credit hour. What should be noted is the congruency in price between State University of New York locations.

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