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Stony Brook University is a public university of research that is located in Stony Brook, New York. The university houses over 25,000 students and is considered the flagship institution in the string of state universities spread across New York. An interesting fact is that Stony Brook partly manages the Brookhaven National Laboratory along with Berkeley, University of Chicago, MIT, Cornell, and Princeton.

Stony Brook University is offering an online master’s degree program for working physician assistants that want to increase their knowledge in health care administration, education, research and leadership. They can increase their earning potential, be more competitive in employment opportunities and attain personal goals. The 30 credit Physician Assistant Post-Professional Masters Program can be completed on a part time basis and terminates in the conferral of a Master of Science degree.

Stony Brook School of Professional Development is also offering its share of online programs for distance learners to take advantage of. These programs are the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, the Master of Professional Studies, a Post-Master’s Advanced Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership, an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management, and an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Coaching. All of these courses span roughly the course of 30 credits and terminate with the awarding of the titled credential.

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies is a useful degree because it allows a grad student to apply their studies to a variety of teaching applications, for one. It also serves as an extension of earning potential for students that are already holding a master’s degree. The Liberal Studies Core consists of a balanced set of Arts & Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Natural & Applied Sciences, and any course that falls under any of the previous categories.

The School of Nursing offers a very large range of degrees and certifications in the field of Health Sciences. A Master of Science in Adult Health Nursing, a Master of Science in Child Health Nursing, a Master of Science in Psychiatric/Mental Health, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Nurse Midwifery, a Master of Science in Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Nurse Specialist and many more degrees can all be earned online. Also, each degree comes with an advanced certificate that can be earned in place of the master’s degree.

Students can also engage in undergraduate nursing study with the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Students entering this program must have 57 credits earned in the form of an Associate of Applied Science degree. Then they are evaluated by their Clinical Practice Portfolio and go on complete 43 credits in the program.

Graduates who are residents of the state of New York pay $6,900 per year, assuming full-time study. Graduate students who are studying full-time, but who are not residents of New York pay $10,920 per year for their studies. For residents/non-residents that are attending SUNY Stony Brook part-time, the cost of tuition is $288/$455 per credit hour. Tuition for the part time Physician Assistant Post-Professional Program is $380/credit for NY residents and $689/credit for non-residents. You should check this website for more tuition info:

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One comment on “Stony Brook University Distance Learning
  1. upendra rohatgi says:

    Almost 20 years back, I gave a distance learning course in Mechanical Engineering-Graduate level course in Adv Fluid Mechanics. There were TV cameras and it was broadcast live to Buffalo Campus.

    Since that time technology has advanced a lot. I checked distance learning at SUNY-Stony Brook, and I did not find any engineering courses. I will like to help established engineering side of e-courses. Many other universities are doing it.

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