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So here you are, attending your online classes. You’re doing great, then all of a sudden, the topics get more involved, the material more complex, and you find yourself having to study more in-depth for your tests. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming, but there are some great, surprisingly simple ways to study your course material to help prepare you for taking your exam.

Studying doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. With some simple tips, you can get the most of your study time. Photo courtesy of

Make Space: One of the best tips I can give concerning proper and effective studying is to find your space. This should be a quiet and out-of-the way space or area in your dorm, room, home, where ever you reside. Maybe it’s a spot looking out a window to a nice scene, maybe it’s a spot completely void of anything distracting. But whatever the space is, it needs to be quiet, comfortable and relaxing to help you to clear your mind to focus on the material you are studying. Try setting up a spot on a table or desk with your computer and enough room for your books, notebooks, pads, etc. Make sure you’ll have enough room to move your arms, and that it is not overly cluttered with objects that would distract you from your studying.

Skip the Background Noise: While some people are those that can have the T.V. on for background noise, or music, most get very distracted and even mildly stressed–which can go unnoticed–with noise in the background. Try incorporating more quiet in your study area so you can think and “hear” what you’re reading or writing.

Tea and Me: When you discover that you’re prone to headaches while studying: try brewing some relaxing decaff tea such as chamomile or light decaffinated green tea. The heat, scent, and chemicals in the tea help relax the brain as well as the muscles, thus enabling you to take in and retain more information.

Don’t Cram! Never cram an hour or two before bed. You will not retain the information, and you’ll just give yourself a headache! It’s best to digest the material in small doses, maybe an hour to an hour and a half of study time, then take short ten minute breaks like walking, stretching, etc.

Review: The day of your exam, take some time–an hour or half an hour–to review the key points that will be on your test. For a math test, review a problem covered in each topic that will be included on your test. That way your mind is fresh and you will have looked at the exact material that will be on your test.

Get Plenty of Rest: Remember to get plenty of sleep–a perfect seven-and-a-half to eight full hours–the night before your exam. And eat a good breakfast with proteins, which help the brain to function and keep you full.

With these simple tips, and others, you can figure out what works best for you. Remember that every person is different, and every brain functions differently. Once you get in your own groove, you will find methods of study that work best for you. Stick with them and you should be just fine. For other great study strategies, check out these sites:

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