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Stephens College is an all-female college that is located in Columbia, Missouri. Stephens College holds the rank of being the second eldest women’s college that has remained such in the United States. Stephens College once shared affiliations with the Southern Baptist Convention, but now operates independent of any religious body.

Stephens College features distance learning with a special distinction. The college is the first in the entire United States to offer an online degree in the field of Healthcare Information Administration. This program is formatted to the specifications of a master’s degree and, thusly, can be considered as a master’s degree program.

The Master of Science in Healthcare Information Administration can be thought of as an administrative extension to the standard Healthcare Informatics degree. The program promotes leadership skills, enhances one’s capacity for critical thinking, and teaches students to carry out the tasks of a Health Information Administrator. The program, of course, is completed with online courses followed by the conferral of the degree.

Beyond the strict program itself are online courses that cover the field of Healthcare Information and other related topics. Students can take these courses individually without subscribing to the program, or they can participate in Continuing Education courses. The Continuing Education courses are non-credit and are put in place so that students can further their understanding on a particular topic without the specific goal of earning credits. It’s also a good way for a professional to brush up on a few skills.

For graduate-level education, the price is most certainly not bad. Graduate students have to pay a mere $8,040 per year, if they are taking between 12 and 18 credit hours per semester. For those who are taking less than 12 credit hours per semester, part-time tuition is calculated at $335 per credit hour.

These conclude the current array of offerings on online education at the college. There is the strong possibility that more programs will be introduced to an online setting in the near future. Stephens College is merely monitoring the quality and success of its current projects before leaping out into new distance learning horizons.

Almost all of the women attending Stephens receive financial aid directly from the college itself. This is mostly due to the high standards of the college that serve the ulterior purpose of qualifying women for scholarship based from academic merit. 99% of women receive an average amount of $11,125 a piece.

The variation in amount from student to student is not much, but some students have had most of their tuition costs covered for undergraduate study, which comes at the price of $23,000 per year for full-time enrollment. Approximately one-third of the student body receives federal grants per year, and in amounts usually exceeding $3,000 per year. State and local aid contributes roughly the same quantity of aid, but to a narrower 28% of the student body.

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