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There are a million and one things students can do to benefit themselves. Many of those things are morally upright. However, as it turns out, Generation Y is almost completely unethical in how they go about their education. The amount of students who admit to acts of deceit and cheating at some point during their academic career is a whopping seventy-five to ninety-eight percent, as depicted by education-portal.

It is socially unacceptable to cheat, however, many students do regardless. (photo by Gustav H)

According to the article, in the 1940s, only twenty percent of students would admit to committing such an act.

Now, the question is a matter of if in the nineteen forties, people were simply more shameful of their unethical behavior, or have the ethics of students and peers changed dramatically from the days of the 1940s?

Of course, since only twenty percent of people answered honestly in the 1940s, there is no way to know. From the information given, we can simply conclude that Generation Y is a group of cheaters, who cheat to pass their courses and also get ahead of the game.

What is to blame for the behavior of students? depicts that the main reasons for cheating are perfectionism and a fixed-mindset, rather than one that wishes to grow. With the demand of education as a necessary good for our future growth and incomes, is it any wonder that students are beginning to do what it takes to get where they want to go? Regardless of why, it is still unethical though.

Studies have also shown that teachers have been following this trend as well to meet standards set by No Child Left Behind. Many times, teachers have profound influence over students. If they are showing these trends in their work ethic, it does not help Generation Y understand that cheating is socially unacceptable.

When it comes down to it, though cheaters will fundamentally grow (esp. get through high school and possibly college), they are doing a disservice to themselves as they will not be ready for the workforce and career fields because of their fixed mindsets. Teachers are doing a disservice to students if they are unable to teach efficiently enough to pass standards set by law and are just trying to hold onto their occupation for monetary safety.

To stop cheating, as it would take a miracle to bump up student’s methodologies for themselves. Once they are set on their mindset of cheat to pass or cheat to get ahead, there is not much society can do to change their minds besides reprimand them for it.

For example, the University of Central Florida has taken measures to stop cheating, as depicted by the NY Times. They don’t allow gum in testing rooms, and proctors are encouraged to record the student’s timing and redirect a camera to focus on them as they do their test.

Nonetheless, we will never be able to stop cheating. Students cheated in the 1940s, and students will continue to cheat long past our deaths. It is saddening to think that students are able to get away with such unmoral practices and even go as far as to get a college degree from it.

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