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Studying is an essential factor in education. Lamentably, the bulk of students are unaware of how to efficiently. Some have tried to but still obtain a failing score. While others are ignoring studying in a larger sense of just not needing to. You can have the brain of Einstein and still find yourself needing to study at one point in your life. There are countless ways to, it only depends on what kind of learner you are or what best suits your time frame.


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Studying Under Similar Conditions

Psychologists have confirmed that studying under conditions relative to the testing environment increases chances of remembering the material. If you study after an argument with your parents and are upset it is best to take the test upset as well. Just like listening to music while studying collides with taking the test with music. The comparable environments trigger retrieval cues in the brain.

Reward System

It is hard enough doing homework but to study willingly is a difficult task to start and finish. An adaptable way to start is setting up a reward when studying is through or maybe on a time basis. For example, for every 30 minutes spent studying, you earn 30 minutes of leisure time to watch your favorite TV show or go outside to play your sport of interest. People respond to incentives in predictable ways so with this system, it is likely you will build up the effort to study.

Study Groups

A good portion of students do better in a group setting. They are able to stay focused and learn more accompanied by others. A study group is an effect way of to debate, reason, and reflect on the topic. Most students choose quiet, comfortable places to meet up. It can be at a group member’s house, a bookstore, library, Starbucks, or even an open park. This allows open discussion and a shared sense of cognition from various standpoints.


Notecards are always a teacher or student’s favorite tool for studying. They are best for learning new terms, memorizing equations, or recognizing graphs. Quizlet, in a spark notes summary, are electronic notecards. This is a free website accessible to all. Even without an account you can browse through different subjects, topics, or categories that people have posted. With an account you have the ability to make your own sets of cards, classes, marked favorites, and sets you have recently studied. Quizlet offers three ways of learning these cards: study, learn, and test. Also offering games and tools to print out the cards. It is quicker and more efficient than paper cards. Also accessible through mobile phones.

Switching Between Subjects

Have you ever found yourself working nonstop, hour after hour on one subject? Well switching between subjects allows the brain different sections to be accessed. This offers a more sufficient way to learn. The portion of your brain that is focused on a subject starts approximately at the 30-minute mark. That means it is time for a new task or a slight break of 10-minutes to let the brain ease.

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