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69 comments on “Newsletter Subscription Confirmed
  1. Victor B. Carter says:

    thank you, I’m interested in the program selected. Please send to me the information need to do so.
    God Bless

  2. Mohamad Ali says:

    I’m waiting your site to send me confirmation email cod.thank you

  3. Nawal ali says:

    hi sir am south sudanes 18 years old i would like to continue with my studies.and i wand to study doctor please help me to achieve my goal.

  4. Charles Belius-Fils says:

    I congratulate you for your the great anitiative you take to help people . my biggest wish is to see the day and start the sudy with you .

  5. Charles Belius-Fils says:

    It a great pleasure for me to study with you and be in the future your nursery . I really need your help, please help me reach my goal through your acceptation because my will is to have a master in Buseness administration .

  6. Chris Fahim Marah says:

    I am a Sierra Leonean and interested in the Bachelor Degree in English. Every time I fill forms on the online website a request is made for me to supply information which suggests that the proggram is deigned only for US residents. Is it possible for people from outside US to engage in such programs?

  7. James K.Z.Flomo says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am a Liberian and want to study sociology and criminal justic so I am kindly asking you to please help me meet this goal.Hope to hear from you.

  8. James Mathias says:

    Im a tanzanian having an ordinary diploma in civil(highway)enginering i would like to continue with my studies through distance learning to take a bachelor degree in this field, so p’se could ihave more details about this.

  9. teshale kibret says:

    thanks once more sir/madam i want to study IT degree program i’m ethoipian but now from South Africa please help me the next step and fees distance or online

  10. Tsietsi Isaac Roberts says:

    Good day Sir/Maddam

    I am a 46 years old male with no education at all, i mean, with no prove of educational qualifications whatsoever, i am somehow intelligent and would holeheartedly like to learn starting from scratch and get some qualifications, time runs fast and maybe, before i know it, i may be a Doctor. That is my dream, i just need the right people to lead me and make themselves proud of what a product i can be onto their instutuition’s name. Please help.

  11. abdihakim abdinasir says:

    i am somali man, single , live in kenya , 21 years old and i have high school leaving certificate .
    i am interested in bachelor degree in computer and IT . so may you send me anymore about the distance , fee and housing issue .
    thanks your faithfully.

  12. mohammed abdul fattah says:

    thank you.
    I have high school leaving certificate, and diploma in Arabic from Lagos State university, i would like to read masscom, so kindly send me youir guide lines.
    thanks once more

  13. Ho Chang Lee says:

    I am interested in bacheoler degree in civil engineering.
    I have a diploma degree in architectural engineering. Please send me the detail about the course.

  14. I want to details information about the clinical biochemistry and microbiology. university. fees. issue of form .

  15. mwende mutisya says:

    im very intrested in pursuing a degree course in a suitable university and would be greatful if granted a scholaship.thank you

  16. Vishal Goel says:

    Sir ,
    My Name IS Vishal Goel i have done Engineering B.Tech from IT branch and i have 1 year experience of working as a software engineer as developer. I want to do some PG 1 year correspondence course kindly suggest me relevant courses for me which will help my carrier to flourish in IT field.
    Thank You.

  17. kelly says:

    i would love to study degree in marketing,so would love to know the requirements and the costs.

    thank you

  18. Stephen Mulenga says:

    I am looking for Electrical Engineering Degree Program and Scholarship for the same program?

  19. Juma Mbarouk says:

    Im Tanzanian how much it cost for IT course.

  20. Diaz says:

    I’d like to study Industrial Engineering in North America, could you please send me the details? Thanks

  21. Andrikus says:

    I would like to study Navigation Deck Officer, please send me the details.

  22. Emmanuel says:

    I would like grants update and details.

  23. muhammad kabir kabara says:

    hello sir, i am 19years old have just finish my 0 level in kano state nigeria and whant continue with my studies.sir i want to study madicine and health science coarses through distance learning.please sir i need your support,here is my mobile number for more imformation sir.thank you for your optimum concern

  24. erick o odijeh says:

    Hallo sir i had done Diploma in building construction. i have worked for more than 4 years as a clerkof works. and i wanted to further my studies and be either structural eng,quantity surveyor,to do building economics or join assosiation of clerk of works.

    kindly advise and give direction

  25. Jacob S. Samo says:

    Hi! Iam a Tanzanian Iam holding a certificate of Health Records Technician and by the moment iam working at a District hospital in Tanzania so would you assist me and varnished me in how I could join your college and how much it could be the cost and how I can apply for the sponsorship have a good day and iam looking forward to see your answer so I can start a process to application Thanks

    • Jacob S. Samo says:

      Thanks once more I would like to know a process on how to join a diploma in IT and Health Records and Information Technician course and how much cost hope to hear you soon thanks and also in which School I can get admission Best Regards Jacob Samo also you can Sms me throw the phone number +255767636104

  26. Sadick Asungwile says:

    Iam a Tanzanian man,want to do a BSc in Chemistry for under distance learning program,I poses an ordinary diploma in science and laboratory technology,also am looking for a scholarship.

  27. I would like to study accounting in diploma.
    so i would like to know price, requirement. thank you.

  28. Moniaruck Nazmeen says:

    i am a mauritian citizen. i got a degree in Agriculture. i want to do masters or postgraduate in Environmental health or Sustainable Environment. please advise and please is there a possibility of scholarship?

  29. Dorothy Osei Acheampong says:

    Dear Sir kindly give me the details of the payment and the duration. Thank You

  30. Abdiwahid says:

    I am Un Accountanat and I would like to know more about the master Degree of Accounting & Related Programs.

  31. abroufarakh says:

    dear sir/madam.i want to know more information about stractrue buildind( civil engineering).please help me.
    i am an agriculture engineering from iran and 40 years old and i live in iran.
    thank you very much.

  32. Erum says:

    I am a citizen of Pakistan. I am a housewife and unable to go out for studies thats why I am interested in distance learning. Kindly send me information about MBA courses.


    I am a tanzania citizen,
    please supply me with information about online Degree programs relating to bacher of arts.


    mine name is ELIAH KASANGA from tanzania im a civl enginering technician in community development iwoul like to study bacher of art in distance learning

  35. sahr M.Jimmy says:

    can I be granted scholarship to study medecine?

  36. ABDELMABOUD says:



  37. stephen says:

    I am a Kenyan citizen,
    please supply me with information about online Degree programs relating to quantity surveying and estate management.


  38. Joseph says:

    I need to persue Master’s in Human Resource through distance learning, assist me with admission requirements, fees, course outline and mode of assessement.

  39. shahedul majid says:

    I am a doctor, I am interested in Masters in Public Health or other degrees in health care manahement whicis possible by distance learning.Please inform me

  40. athula kodippily says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    I am a Brigadier in the army having 27 years work experience in human safety and security. I would like to do a Master degree in human safety and security management, so I would like to request for course information and fees for the program
    .Many Thanks

  41. Danjuma Matthew says:

    Thanks for accepting me as one of your distance learning student. Please send me everything I need to know about bachelor of theology.

  42. Grace Ayieko says:

    I am a kenyan citizen aged 42, i have done diploma in business administration and diploma in community Development, i have worked in microfinance for a period of twelve years in a managerial position.kindly give me information how i can do my degree in project management or business administration if you offer either of the above.Give details how and the fees needed.Thanks in advance
    Yours faithfully Grace Ayieko

  43. ahmed mohamed ahmed osman says:

    am sudanese darfour state awant get stady on orgnization work please

  44. Oumarou Maoudé says:

    Madam/Sir please i want to have more information on a degree program in management ,including the fees.Thanks.

  45. Thembinkosi Lawrence Sibanda says:

    After subscription confirmation as it is now, what else do I need to do.I need to start my education and work on my degree as soon as possible.Which university will help me do aeronautical degree administration/management etc.I am keen to start now, please help.I have 23years work experience in aviation as maintenance engineer & have worked in Quality Assuarance as Reliability Engineer for 12yrs with our national Airline.Which way forwrd now? Thanks

  46. fatima magdoom says:

    Iam Sudanese,Iam Acounselor psychologist I graduated in Ahfad University for Women Sudan 1998 Iwould to know how to find an opportunity in your University the program of distance learning send me in details

  47. Thembinkosi Lawrence Sibanda says:

    As I have already indicated in my previous comunication to you. I am interested in furthering my education in Aeronautics. I am currently employed as an Engineer by the national airline in Quality Assuarance doing Maintenance Reliabilty Statistics. However, I would like to read for a degree in your University.I hold an advance Diploma and Licences from Indian Govement approved Institutions in Chenai and Hydrabad Indian Airline’s Central Training Establishment(CTE)

  48. isaac too says:

    i`m CPA 2 holder and i would like to enroll for a degree.kindly advice

  49. Prince Abraham Kwabena Krah says:

    l am a pastor and wish to have good education through your distance learning program. Thanks

  50. Prince Abraham Kwabena Krah says:

    Dear sir / madam I would like to request for Course Information and fees for the program in Diploma. And l wish to have good education through your distance learning program.
    Thanks you.

  51. Charlie Kamap Imbu says:

    Dear sir or madam, I would like to request for Course Information and fees for the program in Diploma of Economic Policy and International Relations.
    I submit this for your assistance.

    Many thanks

  52. Benedict Chengo says:

    Dear sir, I would like to enroll for a bachelor degree in Medical microbiology. So, which of the universities best offer the course, the fee, duration and if possible the financial assistance that can be rendered to the student(s) involved. Thanks

  53. mohd hadi says:

    I would like to know more about the master degree in industrial managenent and quality control in industrial

  54. adel abdallah says:

    l wish to have good education through your distance learning program .Thanks.
    as master in chemistry

  55. adel abdallah says:

    chemistry , please

  56. Babayemisi Ogunrombi says:

    l wish to have good education through your distance learning program. Thanks.

  57. Tawanda H Murindagomo says:

    Thank you for accepting my application. I would like to know more on the fee structure on the business administration programs. Thank you!

  58. Kyei Beatrice says:

    I would like to know more about financial accounting. I want you to send me more details about it.

  59. Viscount Sulwishi says:

    I am a soldier and have done basic courses in medical assistance. I want to advance my education in a related field.

  60. Ponatshego Katlholo says:

    Thank you very much for your response.
    I would like to have information on distance learning courses in South Africa.

  61. Justus G. Nyiedah says:

    Good day sir, i want to enroll for a bachelor degree in Telecom and information technology.
    so, tell me which of the universities best offer the course, the fee, duration and if possible the financial assistance that can be rendered to the student(s) involved. Thanks

  62. toyin says:

    i have a diploma in law from nigeria college and i would like
    to continue with a degree in law. could you please furnish me with the information as per the course duration and the fee .thanks


    i would like to study a diploma in finance so send me the fees details

  64. Chibuye Kennedy says:

    I would like to study IT and send me details about IMIS course

  65. Mohammadi-Mohammad shahab says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am a 40 years old ,male, married Iranian with 17 years work experience in Flight Standard of Iranian Civil Aviation Organisation .as Airworthiness inspector and work in field of Quality Control and Quality Assurance.
    I have Technical diploma Auto mechanic, associate degree at Mechanical Eng.(Technical Drawing), Bs.C at Aircraft Maintenance Eng., Ms.C at Industrial Eng.(system management&productivity)and many Aircraft type rating related to my job.
    I would like continue my study in Ph.D at Engineering management at Quality or project management,on field of Industrial Engineering in your University.
    All of my study record translated and approved by Iranian higher educational services and accepted by Iranian justified Org.and my previous university can send all of it directly for your evaluation.
    My Address : Flight Standard of Civil Aviation Organization-Mehrabad Int. Airport-Tehran-Iran-P.O box: xxx
    Mobil : 0098-xxxxxxxxxx
    With the best regard
    Mohammadi -Mohammad Shahab

  66. BANDA RODGERS says:


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