Sullivan University Distance Learning

Kentucky’s Sullivan University offers a full catalog of distance learning courses that students can access online from the comfort of their own personal computer. Sullivan rises to the occasion of providing professionals the opportunity to continue their education, expand their horizons, or even change career paths through distance learning. They offer lifetime employment assistance to ensure graduates have the best possible opportunities.

Some of the degree certificates currently being offered as a distance learning course are Medical Coding, Human Resource Leadership, and Conflict Resolution. The Professional Nanny Career Diploma is also available. Sullivan University offers an Associate of Science Degree in Logistics and Distribution Management, Marketing and Sales Management, Accounting, Business Management, Early Childhood Education, and Beverage Management.

Bachelor programs include Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Human Resource Leadership, Hospitality Management, and Interdisciplinary Studies. Master of Science degrees are available in Human Resource Leadership, Managing Information Technology, Conflict Management, and Master of Business Administration. Sullivan University also offers the opportunity for students to take their degree to the highest academic level by offering a Ph.D. in Management. This prestigious degree program offers students the chance to partake in an accelerated program where they can earn the Ph.D. in 3 years. Three concentration options for the Ph.D. in Management program are Strategic Management, Information Technology Management, and Conflict Management.

Students interested in distance learning opportunities from Sullivan University will have many resources available to them to help find the appropriate funding to cover tuition. Sullivan University Global e-Learning Financial Planning Office has advisers available to explore options with students such as scholarships, grants, and loans. Some scholarship programs offered by Sullivan University are accounting program scholarships, Baccalaureate assistance for those with an Associate’s Degree, hospitality program scholarships, and paralegal scholarships. Students may also be eligible for federal and state level grants. Student loans and personal loans are another option for distance learning funding.

Sullivan University recognizes that distance learning is not the best option for all types of students. They have an extensive assessment process that helps each student determine if they are going to be successful with their distance learning program of choice. Taking courses online requires a large amount of dedication, will, and determination. There are also computer and Internet speed requirements to be met to ensure the most fluid experience when interacting with teachers and support groups and also when submitting work. Textbooks can also be purchased online thus increasing the convenience of Sullivan University distance learning programs.

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