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The State University of New York Maritime College is a nautical/marine college located on the Throggs Neck peninsula in the Bronx, New York City, New York. SUNY Maritime was the first college teaching nautical subjects to be federally approved. As a maritime college, there are many different nautical subjects that can be studied, but students also participate in a cadet-style environment which trains them to dispatch at sea and operate a vessel in real time. Students have been known to travel overseas on training missions to learn about the operations of a ship in depth while being exposed to foreign cultures.

There are distance learning programs and online courses available at SUNY Maritime for Marine Surveying. Marine Surveying can be split into several baser categories and the college awards certificates for each. All online courses are properly accredited, federally approved, and backed by the same instruction that students on campus receive.

There is a Certificate in Marine Surveying for Cargo. This course teaches students about the roles of marine surveyors in surveying cargo carried overseas. Students learn to check for Maritime Insurance, bills of landing and documents, how to determine conditions through hose tests, chalk tests, and ultrasound equipment.

There is another Certificate in Marine Surveying for Hull. Future surveyors learn about the role of stability calculations, trim, classification, and incident investigation. They also are taught about how to conduct marine surveys and how to file these reports. Also, students learn of the hatch cover surveying process and how to determine the structural integrity of the hull using ultrasound devices.

There are also certificates in Yacht Damage, Heavy Weather, Refrigerated Cargo, Surveying Hatch Covers, and Ultrasonic Testing. All of these courses lead to a CE which is accompanied by the proper credits. All of these separate courses follow a timed schedule that spans a month at a time for each respective course.

Since the college is supported by the State of New York, tuition varies based on the students residence. For in-state residents, undergraduate tuition is $4,350/year full-time and $181/credit hour part-time. Graduate tuition is $6,900/year full-time and $288/credit hour part-time. For out-of-state residents, undergraduate tuition is $10,610/year full-time and $442/credit hour part-time. Graduate tuition is $10,920/year full-time and $455/credit hour part-time. Financial aid is available and has been awarded primarily in the form of state and local aid accounting for approximately half of the students. Federal aid accounts for 22% of students.

The State University of New York Maritime College offers students all the advantages of a large university while maintaining the atmosphere of a small college. Nautical education is methodical, each course has a set path and delivers you towards your degree as efficiently and as effectively as possible. For distance learners, the same efficiency can be expected, as the college has formatted online programs that lead directly to their strict credentials. With that in store, there are many more opportunities to come for online learning.

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  1. hi my name is john scarcella and im interested in the marine surveying course i cant seem to locate who to get a hold of im already a marine surveyor and looking to continue my education thank you

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