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You know those moments when your friend has this upsetting look on your face? Those moments when they tell you news you wish you had an answer to? Or a way to comfort and lessen the pain? A huge fraction of those moments are news of either them, their friend, or family having breast cancer, autism, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, or other health threatening diseases. You find yourself feeling helpless and of no way to do more than cliche words. There are now ways to join together with your community, school, local church, or any group to support the cause.

Relay For Life

Raise funds to fight the cause. (Photo by: JimWienecke on Flickr)

Raise funds to fight the cause. (Photo by: JimWienecke on Flickr)

Relay For Life is a global event where groups of people come together to raise funds to save lives from cancer. Many schools sponsor it on their track with local schools joining them. Along the track are different stands to buy food, games to participate in, races, inflatables, and much more. Some schools also allow the option to purchase bags to display their own message around the track. Furthermore, there are themed laps and each school that has the most students participate in from that school, earn points. This gives them different chances at an award of recognition as either the All American Relay, Heart of Relay, National Online Communication Award, and much more. These themed laps range from blowing bubbles, pink shirts, three legged lap, poker lap, and much more that may vary by the school sponsoring it. Also, the events include red light/green light, hula hoop, water balloon toss, tug-o-war, and much more. Relay For Life is an over night event so if you raise at least one hundred dollars you may sleep over. The hours you contribute towards the event may go towards community service, including Bright Futures. You may sign up at this website here.

Ride For ALS

Ride for ALS is an event to defeat Lou Gehrig’s disease. This disease robs of the ability to walk, speak, eat, and eventually breathe.┬áThe ride functions in the states of: California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, and Washington. There are three routes to choose from, The Metric Century (62 miles), The 25-Mile Challenge, and the 5-Mile Family Fun Ride. To participate in the ride, you need to raise at lease one hundred and fifty dollars if you are 16 or above and an additional registration fee. A fundraising minimum is not required if you are younger although encouraged. You may register at this website here. To ride on a team you may have any number but a group of three or more may qualify for group awards. It may be a team of riders, virtual riders, or volunteers. Awards like #1 Corporate Team, #1 Civic Team, #1 Bike Shop Team, and others may be won.

These are only two of many events to help fight the cause. The next time or even now when you feel helpless or want to get involved, go to these websites and sign up. Every penny counts and every thought does not hurt. Spread the word and tell your friends to join as well. It conveys our society’s ability to come together in spite of our differences.

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