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Almost every high school student takes Driver’s Education before their high school graduation, because most people start driving or at least learning how to drive when they are teenagers. Driver’s education is very important to help teenagers to become safe drivers. In traditional school, Driver’s Education is a one-semester course. Do you know that you could also take Driver’s Education online for free if you are a high school student? This post will help to learn more about taking Driver’s Education online.

Taking Driver's Education online may be right for you. ( Photo by sciondriver)

Taking Driver’s Education online may be right for you. ( Photo by sciondriver)

What Is Driver’s Education?

Driver’s Education is a course to help people learn about traffic rules and more. It is a good course to take before getting a learn’s permit, which is an essential thing to get before getting your driver’s license if you are under 18 years old. Check Florida Virtual School’s description of  online Driver’s Education course.

Advantages of Taking Driver’s Education Online

  • Work on your own pace
  • Easy to review the materials before taking the road signs and traffic rules tests
  • Free
  • Take the course during vacations
  • Probably get discount on insurance
  • Learn how to be a safe driver
  • Alternative choice if your school can not offer you the class for some reasons
  • Learning in more interesting ways due to the use of technologies online
  • Gain high school credit ( 0.5 credit)

Disadvantages of Taking Driver’s Education Online

  • You are not taught how to drive a real car, instead you are mainly taught the knowledge about rules and safe driving.
  • Not everyone can take Driver’s Education online, because not everyone has access to computer and Internet.
  • Students have a bigger chance to cheat in the course, so they end up learning nothing.
  • More freedom may make you lazy and fail to complete the course.
  • Some online Driver’s Education courses may be spam

How to Do Well In Driver’s Education?

Like all other online courses, you have to use your time wisely and work hard. Expect to have some assignments that you may think as boring, but also remember there are fun assignments too. Click on the videos provided by your instructor, especially if you are a visual learner. Some online courses also have 3-D carton to illustrate how real driving is like. Take notes using word document or other tools while going through the material. It is essential to read each chapters, not just submitting all the assessments. If you do not read the materials, you may be able to pass the class, however, you have a less chance to pass the real tests for getting a permit or license. You are not learning for somebody else. You are learning for yourself! Becoming a safe driver is your ultimate goal of taking the course.

Additional tip for taking Driver’s Education online: you could use online resources from website of your local drivers’ office, or dmvdriverseducation.org. If you want, you could also print out a drivers’ handbook provided by government, and study that anywhere and anytime.

For more information about other online courses, check my last post.

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