Taking High School Physical Education Online

Do you know that you can take HOPE ( Health Opportunities through Physical Education) online to meet the high school graduation requirement? It may sound crazy to take physical education online, but it is surely available online for high school students for free. Check Florida Virtual School for its HOPE course information. If you plan to take physical education course online, here are some tips for you to be successful in that course:

Traditional PE course is mainly based on exercising, however, online PE could be different. (Photo by mikebaird)

Traditional PE course is mainly based on exercising, however, online PE could be different. (Photo by mikebaird)

Tip One: Do Not Think Online PE Is Easy

You may feel that taking HOPE online is going to be easy and you do not have to work hard for it at all. Sorry, but that is not the case. There are many special assignments designed for online course and there is exercising requirement. So you should take it just as seriously as a traditional gym class. Actually, you need to be more persistent and have self-discipline.

Tip Two: Do Not Cheat

Another reason students may think online course is east is because they can cheat more easily. But cheating will only harm you. And there is harsh penalty if you are caught cheating. So just be honest! Check this post about cheating in online classes.

Tip Three: Make A Folder On Your Computer 

Making a folder just for the HOPE class on your computer will help you keep organized. And when it comes to the final exam, it will be easy to review. Also keep all documents may help you in the future if anything messes up online. You know technologies can cause some trouble for us. For example, if one of your assignment got lost online by accident, you could just find it in your folder and submit it again.

Tip Four: Exercise According To The Instructions

Online HOPE course does require actual exercise. You may be checked by phone and may be asked to submit your weekly exercising log. Plan your exercise schedule ahead of time and follow it. Exercising is good for you!

Tip Five: Pay Attention To The Collaboration Opportunity

Many online courses including HOPE may ask you to complete at least one collaboration assignment per semester. There should be information about collaboration opportunities somewhere in the course, or you could email your instructor about it. While doing collaboration assignment, remember you could use many kinds of technologies to help you. For example, you can use Microsoft office Word, PowerPoint, or Excel to make your presentation. And you can hold a discussion online by using tools like Skype.

Tip Six: Be On Pace

Being on pace is very important for competing online high school courses. There is time limit for finishing each course. And there should be pace guides available in the course. Usually, there are more than one pace guide, so choose the one that fits you the most. Sometimes, there is also a pace guide for getting honor credit, though HOPE does not have an honor version. If you are taking honor courses online, you have definitely work harder because there are more and harder assignments.

For more information about taking HOPE online, check this link.

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