Teacher Sexpidemics

“That’s sickening,” they say as they watch the news and realize that more often than not, teachers are now having (and getting busted) for relations with students. Why the “teacher sexpidemics?” Is it simply easier to get caught, as technology expands and we lose our sense of privacies? Or are teachers simply pursuing relations with minors more so than ever before? Regardless of the case – the crimes being committed do not fall short of heinous activities that can ruin their reputations, along with the childrens, as well as even destroy their lives.

What happens when cupid strikes a teacher? (photo by digitalbob8)

What happens when cupid strikes a teacher? (photo by digitalbob8)

Frankly, it is becoming more and more common to see female teachers sleeping with male students more so than any other gender and age classification. When in fact, it is most likely deviating from the norm – It is very possible that the article I am about to share with you has sexist bias – therefore, why only “[Long Female List]” is in the title of the news article.

The matter is not a national problem; instead, it is an international problem. We have heard of the publicized stories in the media in the USA, but frankly we hear of none anywhere else – that is, unless we are looking for it. Thankfully, this article gives insight into the prospect that this is a multi-cultural problem. Women teachers in Australia are also facing heat for the crimes they have been alleged to commit.

As I read the articles I have given to you, I realize that most of these women have something in common: they are fairly young and fairly within age-range of their students. These teachers are some what attractive, young, and with promising careers ahead of them. So why do they decide that the best thing they can do is to sleep with their students? It simply doesn’t make sense: that is until you view this interview of Debra Lafave, who was a Florida teacher that admitted to having sex with a fourteen year old student. In 2004, she was arrested and given, what she believed was ten times the publicity than that of other teachers – most likely due to the fact that she was pretty. She regrets her actions.

According to parentdish, don’t be so quick to judge the female -or male- teacher that your student is assigned to. Chances are, they have dealt with monsters in their own past – which doesn’t excuse what guilty teachers have done, but gives teachers a chance to prove themselves to be good and just teachers.

I have seen, in my school, a teacher being fired for sexual relations with a student. Luckily for him, the student was of legal age – so there was no room to push a lawsuit. Even still, the school fired him for these allegations that frankly, I am not sure he admitted to. It is a scary thought that you could be sitting in a classroom, while in another classroom, another student is texting your teacher with inappropriate subject matter. Women teachers aren’t the only ones committing crimes – they’re just the ones being publicized.

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