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As much as it drains the wallets of our already hard-working teachers, teachers often end up paying out of their own pockets to provide students with essentials to grow in the classroom. From helping students who may not be able to afford certain items to having fun lessons, there are so many expenses! Here I will give links to and summarize some teaching stores that I know of, as well as some creative ideas you may want for your classroom.

A teacher continuously gives, just as this bird gives to the smaller. (photo by foxypar4)

A teacher continuously gives, just as this bird gives to the smaller. (photo by foxypar4)

Many schools require uniforms so that prejudices do not form in the classroom based on social stance. How kids learn that they are different from others at such a young age, I do not understand as they have no real concept of money. It is simply, ask and it will most likely be provided granted it is reasonable and affordable. However, uniforms can get pretty pricey considering that you will not only have to purchase uniforms, but also clothes for regular occasions. Educational Outfitters offers to provide acceptable uniforms, all while offering to help a cause. The cause being placing a child with special needs into a forever household.

Really Good Stuff is a franchise that sells various teaching equipments, such as management tools, dry erase boards, stationary, among other things. They even, at your request, are able to provide a catalog for your purchasing pleasure. To help navigate the site, you can scroll to the bottom, where you can shop by curriculum, or view the most popular products that they provide.

Okay, so perhaps this next site I’m going to speak of is not all about teaching. Oriental Trading is a site for party supplies, crafts, toys, and hobbies. However, they do offer a section of their site based on teaching equipment. They even offer, within their Teaching section, equipment for Vacation Bible Schools and Sunday Schools. Pretty much, Oriental Trading Company is going to have all of your needs.

If you can’t afford to give your students new equipment, you don’t have to fret. With a small class, you can easily innovate ideas to make your classroom pop to life. For example, a friend of mine who is currently a Kindergarten teacher, has been celebrating Doctor Seuss’ birthday with her students. She bought a can of whipped cream and a container of lime sherbet to simulate “green eggs and ham.”

Another innovation she thought of was to craft several fishes and attach magnets to them, while taking twigs from outside and attaching string to them with a magnet on the opposite end. This way they were able to “fish” in class, based upon “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.”

You can even rent a DVD ($1 at any Redbox) and use a movie to teach. 

As you can see, you are not limited. Teachers undoubtedly give their time and efforts to their classes more than they should, but nothing beats that child’s classroom experience in the early years of life. After all, if a teacher didn’t want to give 110% to her students, she wouldn’t really make an impact on them, would she?

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