Teacher Assisting Program For High School Students

My last post talked about interesting high school programs, including Advanced Academy of Film Production and Design program, Advanced Placement Scholars Program, Practical Nursing Program, and Academy Of Finance program. Of course, there are so many other good high school programs. This post will specifically introduce Teacher Assisting Program for high school students. Do you want to become a substitute teacher or classroom teachers in the future? If yes, you should probably think about joining the Teacher Assisting Program!

Teacher Assisting Program gives you a chance to get the feeling of being a teacher when you are a high school student. ( Photo by CLU_ISS)

Teacher Assisting Program gives you a chance to get the feeling of being a teacher when you are a high school student. ( Photo by CLU_ISS)

What Is Teacher Assisting Program?

Teacher Assisting Program is designed to help students who want to become a teacher in the future to prepare for that path. The program offers different levels of teacher assisting courses, including Teacher Assisting I, Teacher Assisting II, Teacher Assisting II, and Teacher Assisting IV. Each course is a whole credit course, meaning it takes two semesters to complete. And in Florida, there is a service club for teacher assisting students. The club is FFEA, which stands for Florida Future Educators of America. Check this link for official documents about the organization. Also click this link to learn about Career and Technical Student Organizations.

What Are Some Benefits From Being In Teacher Assisting Program?

You would find yourself gaining the following benefits and abilities:

  • Leadership
  • Team-building
  • Scholarship opportunity
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Goal setting
  • Community service
  • Learn how to be a teacher
  • Also learn how to be a good employer
  • Closer interaction with your teachers
  • Learn how to appreciate what you have

How Is Teacher Assisting Program Like?

The Teacher Assisting Program has two essential ways for helping the students to learn how to be a teacher. The first way is the traditional class-setting learning. Depending on the school, your instructor may only spend one or more days in traditional class teaching the students materials they have to know. You could expect to learn things like leadership, team building, appropriate work habits, communication, and so on. The second way is counted very important in the teaching assisting program, that is, assisting another teacher. By assisting another teacher, students can observe how a teacher does his or her job and learn from it. Students can have real experience of being a teacher. They also learn to be responsible and consistent.

What Would Teacher Assisting Program Lead You Into?

The program’s purpose is to help students who would become teachers one day. After high school, you may go to a community college to get your two-year degree, then you could become a substitute teacher. You may go to a university to get Bachelor Degree or then Master Degree. Depending on different level of school you want to teach, there is a different requirement of the type of degree you must have. To check the difference among different degrees, check this post. You may change your mind and do not want to be a teacher later in your life. However, the experience of being in the Teacher Assisting Program would benefit your life no matter what career you choose, because the program teaches you how to be a good employer, as well as building your character.

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