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While many traditional degree programs and certification programs require a lengthy attendance at a college—two to four years, sometimes longer for graduate schools—online and distance education programs offering technical degrees and certifications can sometimes take less time to complete. The main reason for this is that since everything is online, the student can work at his or her own pace, as long as the course allows access at any time. Projects and assignments can be turned in upon the immediate completion, and exams and quizzes (though sometimes offered only on certain dates and times) can be completed at the student’s leisure.

Online technical degrees and certifications are offered by many differend accredited schools, including those that also have on-campus options. (Photo courtesy of

So I have done some research and included some great accredited online schools that offer degree and certification programs completely online, and that are open to students who want to complete the courses at their own pace. Whether it is fast, moderate, or slow.

1.  University of Phoenix—Of course I had to include this one. Even though it’s a private university with tuition expenses that are not entirely cheap, this is one of the highest rated schools that offer technical certification and degree programs completely online through their College of Information Systems and Technology.

2.  Everest University onlineEverest University provides online courses and degree programs alongside traditional campus courses. There are many different programs to choose from, and they are not just limited to technological and computer/IT certification and degree programs.

4.  ITT Technical Institute onlineITT Tech offers a nice sum of online degree and certification programs that are a little bit limited, but they are not just limited to technology fields. Overall, this institute is centered on technical fields, so the programs offered are based upon those; there are business programs, criminal justice programs, and nursing programs as well.

5.  Kaplan UniversityKaplan offers many degree programs at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degree levels. There is a nice list on this page that the student can view further detail under each subject category.

While there are many more great quality accredited online universities that offer technical degree and certification programs completely online, I have included 5 of the most well-known in my list. Many more plus the schools that I have included have military benefits, offer financial aid, and also offer the option of attending the school on campus in a traditional classroom setting. While my list is by no means meant to deter the student from researching other prospective schools for online degree and certification programs in the technical field, it is meant to give the student a general basis of what types of programs to look at before deciding on one area of study. It is also important to remember that when looking for certifications or degrees in a technical field, one must consider the post-graduating career options that will be available to them. Check out Distance Learning’s list of technical degree fields and online universities for more information and aid in making the right decision.

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