Technology in the Classroom

Some teachers are known to be more old fashioned and want to stick to the wooden desks and the chalk board. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, some students may respond better to a more advanced way of teaching. Does teaching in a more modern way with more technology benefit the students’ learning?

Teaching with technology has improved students’ responses to education.(photo credit ttarasiuk)

It has been studied and proven that student achievement increases significantly when more technology is added in the classroom. Students are already surrounded by many various form of buttons and devices. It is a part of their world and it is how they understand and how they complete many tasks. When it is added into the classroom, you are giving a student something that they are comfortable with and something they can advance with faster. Many times students do not want to pay attention in class because it seems tedious or unimportant. They also feel like they can not relate so why should they try. When you give them something that they are used to and want to focus on, it draws them in and helps them obtain more information. The actual material should not be changed but the way that it is taught can be and has proven to give many amazing high results.

The benefits of adding electronics into the teaching atmosphere are endless and rewarding. The students get to learn countless technical skills at an early point in their life. Whether they are going to end up in a career with technology or not, they are creating a larger understanding and making them more diverse and prepared. Our society and world are becoming more and more technology dependent, the more prepared the students are, the more successful they will be when they enter the world on their own.

Making tasks be completed with technical knowledge also gives the student practice on completing tasks with more high order thinking and tasks that are more high order in general. Drawing pictures to represent an idea and creating a PowerPoint both create the same end result and discussion. You get to share the ideas and discuss them the same. However, the student had to use their brain more to get around the program and computer. They used more time figuring things out. It gives them more of a brain exercise. It will also prepare them for more advanced schooling. They will be more prepared for secondary schooling and so on.

Now some students may have more trouble with the new way of teaching than others but that happens with every subject and every class. Students should be challenged and should be prepared for how our world and society works. Not only does it train the students well, it also is less mundane than most teaching and they will be more alert and wanting to know more.

Technology is forever growing to find new ways to complete tasks and new ways to create more discoveries. We will never stop using technology so we should let it become a part of our world and prepare future generations to be accustomed. Many students are already accustomed to it and would benefit in learning more about it and would learn better with it.

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