Technology’s Growing Influence on Education

From the break of time, technology was a mere imagination. For some, it was not in mind’s grasp. No one would believe that technology would grow and expand this far with its precision and depth in the smallest aspects of material. Now, worldwide – even in the most remote regions of the world, there is at least some sort of technology. In third world countries, you can find television and phones. As we have abandoned the telegraph and the bicycle as our daily mode of transportation, we have transitioned to cars and motorcycles. While technology develops and takes over our society, it begins to grow on its influence on our education.


Tablets make learning easier. (Photo courtesy to ebayink on Flickr).

Mobile Devices – From iPhones to androids to other smartphones,  accessing the internet is capable almost anywhere. These devices are built to widen your needs on a portable basis. With newly acquired apps and widgets, you can do just about anything from your phone. On a more educational scale, it allows students to check their grades online and assignments from teachers. The ability to do this without being in a library or home environment increases their advantages to staying updated on last minute changes on school work. Furthermore, you can contact your friends, teachers, family members to ask anything related to their education. Currently, there are an increasing number of ads focused around education, for example, Apple has Algebra Touch to help students struggling in their mathematics and The Elements to learn about the constellations. These apps are usually cheap or free and they are just one click away.

Tablets – Tablets are now making their leap into everyone’s lap. These handy devices are also portable and allow you to do almost anything a laptop can. Different than mobile devices, tablets allow bigger programs like Microsoft Office. This program is used by every student at least one time in their academic career to complete their essays (using Microsoft Word), making presentations (using Microsoft Powerpoint), and making brochures (using Microsoft Publisher). The tablet is also another option to taking notes in college instead of a laptop. Tablets also allow you to download books and textbooks for your needs. Now there is no worry about carrying the loads of books to all your classes. Additionally, tablets help study keep up with their studies. They can access their online classes and Skype students about their questions. With the technology increasingly, you can find tablets at any local Bestbuy or Hhgregg. Their prices are affordable and meet everyone’s preferences as their are numerous to choose from.

Choosing between technology is the highlight of the concept. This allows for the students to have their own feel of what works best for them. Some choose to have more than one. The point is technology is beginning to be used more in the classroom and out of it. It is the basis for saving data, creating works, and a more efficient mode of research. While books are not rendered completely useless, they are less handy and sufficient to our needs.

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