The #1 Online Learning Tool in the US

With awards given from esteemed websites such as Discovery Education,, and EduBlogAwards, Glogster EDU is the pronounced “Number One Online Learning Tool in the United States.” So what is Glogster EDU? Well, according to their website they are the “…leading global education platform for creative expression of knowledge and skills in the classroom and beyond.” Alright, that’s a good description. But what’s a “glog?” Glogs, according to the site, are online multimedia posters.

Glogster EDU is so easy, even a four year old can use it! (photo by thelesleyshow)

Glogster EDU is so easy, even a four year old can use it! (photo by thelesleyshow)

Is there a specific age group that can use Glogster EDU? Not necessary – even four year olds are using Glogster EDU to learn. As you can probably imagine, if a four year old is using it, the program is very manageable and easy to use, which is good for those not-so-tech-savvy teachers and students.

What can students use Glogster EDU for? Since the platform is based upon multimedia, you can write book reports, research reports, complete class projects, do homework, complete distance learning, make presentations, make your school more green by saving paper, develop creativity, and the list goes on and on.

How much will it cost me? Educators are able to use Glogster EDU free. This includes the Next-Gen Glog, a mobile view, and ten student accounts. For a “Light” account, the cost is $2.49 per month, complete with the Next-Gen Glog, a mobile view, fifty student accounts, student management, and Glogpedia. The “Premium” account, offering the most stuff, includes all that is listed above, with 200 student accounts, Re-Glog, and Class and Project Management for a small sum of $8.25 per month!

Students can, however, register without teachers. Students are able to learn with creative expression and a multi-sensory experience. I recently learned in my Advanced Placement Psychology class that if a student is taught something through more than one sense, they are able to retain and learn more efficiently and to a higher extent than if, say, a student was simply learning with just visuals.

For group Glogsters, students are able to be listed under multiple teachers and managed by them as well.

What if the website is blocked from school access? There are several ways to get into Glogster at a school that may have the website blocked. Below, for your convenience, I have listed them below.

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The Glogpedia library, offered to those who are under the “Light” and “Premium” memberships, is a listing of other’s Glogs. Find immediate information to subjects you may need, all in one place!

So there you go! The number one online learning tool in the United States, with over seven million users nationally! The benefits to using Glogster EDU are substantial and vast. If you are interested in finding out more about, here is a link to their frequently asked questions page. They also have a blog you may want to check out here.

Want to keep up with Glogster EDU? Here is a link to their facebook account and twitter account.

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