The 13 Best Military Studies Blogs

Military studies involve the theories and practices of military preparation and conflict. Studies take place on a wide range of military related subjects including topics such as economics, psychology and technology. The history of military preparation and conflict is also covered. This includes both foreign and domestic military operations. Some studies include the personal repercussions of those directly and indirectly involved in warfare, while other military studies are concerned with the practical details surrounding combat. This can include cost, logistics and weaponry.

Members of the various branches of the military often take up military studies in order to advance in rank. Others enjoy military studies simply as a way to learn more about this in-depth and fascinating field of study. Many military academies offer degrees in military studies as do many private and public universities. Military studies is also sometimes used as a way to predict the strategies of enemy combatants.

1. Museum Of Military History

Part of learning a subject well is studying its past, and the Museum of Military History in Kissimmee, Florida, does just that. Comprehensive blog with informative links about all things related to military history.

2. NOSI Naval Open Source Intelligence

A compendium of naval news from sources all over the world, this informative blog is an easy way to stay abreast of foreign and domestic navy news. Hard to find resources are easily discovered here.

3. Military History

Well-designed blog full of information about military actions ranging from Roman times to the current War on Terror. Lots of book reviews and a rich list of links make this an excellent source for individuals interested in anything related to the military.

4. Defense Industry Daily

This site has all the information you need when it comes to researching defense contracts. It’s a user-friendly site that links to information pertaining to military contracts that is not easily found elsewhere.

5. Military Resources

Marcus Zillman has put together an outstanding list of military resource sites from all over. Some of the informative sites he has gathered include the Air Force Historical Research Agency, Center for Terrorism Studies and The Military Insider.

6. Combined Arms Research Library

This is a digital library of a wide range of military documents. Interesting selections that include obsolete military manuals, American Civil War documents and World War II operational documents.

7. Circling The Lion’s Den

Very interesting blog about the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. Eclectic mix of links that gives an overall view of what is happening over there; most of the links are gathered from non-mainstream news sources.

8. Foreign Military Studies Office

This U.S. Army blog covers foreign news sources and other media containing all sorts of military information. There’s a regional breakdown section that covers information pertaining to different parts of the world, and also a list of links offering information on defense and security issues.

9. Center for Defense Studies

This comprehensive blog is put out by the American Enterprise Institute. Its mission is to shape debate about the budgetary issues and strategic purposes concerning American military action.

10. Military Studies at RSIS

This is the military studies blog of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies. Categories include arms control, military transformation and security sector reforms.

11. Birmingham “On War”

Interesting blog maintained by the postgraduate students at the Centre for War Studies at the University of Birmingham. Covers information on the military ranging from the history of air power to current war study conferences being held around the world.

12. Military, Strategic and Security Studies

Comprehensive list of textbooks, research and reference and news about military studies. Various journals, societies and catalogs are also included.


Fantastic site full of information, opinions and videos to do with the United States military. There’s an online community, forums and a constantly updated list of blogs from all over the web containing everything you want to know about the military.

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