The 15 Best Accounting Blogs

Accounting is a necessary, yet often confusing part of life. Whether you are an accounting professional, or just someone trying to prepare their taxes, the always evolving laws and regulations can be tough to keep track of. Accounting blogs are a great way to ensure that you are putting all the numbers in the right place and following all of the complicated rules. Here are the top 15 accounting blogs to help us all be sure that we’re filling out all those forms correctly.

1.) Leverage SALT

Brian Strahle, a Virginia based multi-state tax consultant, offers advice for companies that do business across state lines. Discussing cases where companies have gone wrong and keeping businesses up to date on the newest state-to-state regulations on laws is the specialty of this blog.

2.) CPA Technology Blog

Technology shapes the world around us, including how individuals and companies handle their accounting issues. Brian Tankersley focuses on keeping accountants up to date on the newest technologies and the implementation of those technologies.

3.) ataxingmatter

Professor of Law, Linda Beale, takes up for the little man (and woman) to help simplify tax issues for both small businesses and employees alike. Her seeming lack of fear to tackle political issues in regards to both tax and moral code adds to the uniqueness of her approach.

4.) The Accounting Onion

The Accounting Onion is headed up by retired PhD, CPA, Tom Selling, who still feels compelled to help take the mystery out of his former profession. Taking on big issues that have loomed over accounting for years, Tom’s experience shines through and he is able to give much needed assistance to those overwhelmed by the crazy world of accounting.

5.) Better Business Blog

CPA Steve Trojan offers helpful advice for small businesses on the Better Business Blog. Exploring ways to help out businesses that can always use a break, he delves into the little things that can be done to cut costs and increase profits.

6.) Our Taxing Times

Long time tax professional Trish McIntire instructs, and sometimes gets on her soapbox, to help give the average person useful tips on preparing their personal taxes. She encourages people to get their taxes done in a timely manner and points out different avenues to explore to make sure they are getting back as much as they should, or not paying more than they have to when it comes to tax time.

7.) Convergence Coaching

A team of bloggers comprise Convergence Coaching, where accounting professionals are pointed in the right direction towards those who have had success in their field. Their “Leadership Spotlight” series helps inspire other accountants, while teaching valuable lessons at how to succeed and stand out above the crowd.

8.) Appletree Business Services

Appletree Business Services is all about helping you optimize your business’s performance. With a mix out-of-the-box analogies and up to date professional advice, this is a must read accounting blog for every small business owner.

9.) Grumpy Old Accountants

Grumpy Old Accountants digs right into the headlines to discuss exactly what goes wrong, and sometimes what goes right, with different well known companies. Avoiding the mistakes of those that have gone before you will help to ensure that your business has the smoothest sailing possible in the rough seas of our current economy.

10.) FASRI Blog

The Financial Accounting Standards Research Initiative, better known as FASRI, facilitates the accounting community in having more open communication about the always evolving standards and innovations unique to their field. Roundtable discussions and conference summaries helps make sure that everyone has the ability to stay in the loop.

11.) Freaking Accountant

Dealing with the frustrations that inevitably come along with accounting, Seton Hall University’s Chair of Accounting & Taxation Mark Holtzman offers some mental relief to those who are on the edge of being overwhelmed by the stress of it all. Adding the flare of his personality to his pieces, he helps remind accountants that it’s alright to remember that they are more than just number crunching machines.

12.) The Missouri Taxguy

Based out of, you guessed it, Missouri, Bruce “The Missouri Taxguy” assists the average tax payer in making sure they have all the pertinent knowledge needed when preparing their taxes. Allowing guest bloggers to chime in from time to time helps guarantee a well rounded amount of information is being presented to those who normally in the dark.

13.) re: The Auditors

With the layout and feel of a newspaper, re: The Auditors gives a much needed spark to the world of accounting. While highlighting intriguing firms and topics, wonderfully valuable information is packed into each article.

14.) The ADD Accountant

Matthew Patrick brings a lighthearted approach to accounting, blogging about personal struggles in the field and also bringing to light necessary information needed for others like him to do their jobs. Relying on the reader to personally connect to his life helps him present plans and strategies in a way that can only be found at his blog.

15.) CPA With A View

Minnesota based Jim Redpath shares accounting advice for a wide range of people; from families, to small business, or just individual tax payers. His expertise allows him to cover a multitude of helpful topics, all while giving him a platform to talk about how much he loves Minnesota.

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