The 15 Best Sports Management Blogs

Sports management is a unique career that combines business and athletics. Although the need to manage sports is historic, the large degree of wealth it generates has expanded significantly over the past fifty years. This evolution has led to the creation of the sports management degree. Today, the program is offered throughout the United States and each university has their own niche angle. For this reason, it can be difficult to decide between all of these choices. Once you are in the field, you may have a challenge with finding career oriented professional materials. In order to explore this field further or gain some sports management resources, take a look at these 15 regularly updated blogs.

1.) Sports Agent Blog

When your job is getting the right team members on board, you need to know the current headlines about athletes on the rise. Along with a professional looking website, this blog is authored by long-time pros in the sports agent business.

2.) Sports Marketing and PR Roundup

Although this blog has only one writer, his is a powerful voice to hear. Notably, Joe Favorito embraces facets of sports management such as entertainment, training, and media.

3.) Cruffy Institute Blog

This blog is part of the Johan Cruffy Institute for Sports Studies and is especially helpful for students and academics. In addition to sports management-specific studies, they also regularly update the website with peer-reviewed headlines.

4.) The Business of Sports Blog

Public relations and the insight of fans are at the heart of some sports management careers. Addressing these issues and the latest news, this blog’s editorials about the industry come from long-time professionals in the business.

5.) Sports Law Blog

The particulars of athlete contracts combine sports and law in a number of ways. While there are few daily posts, this blog covers all of the relevant law information a sports management professional needs.

6.) Stiletto Sports

Women in the sports management industry have their own set of tastes, and this blog appeals to them all. From learning about other types of sports, industry best practices, or finding work-necessary feminine sports merchandise, this is full of information.

7) Pro Fantasy Blog Talk Radio

Do you dream of working in the fantasy sports industry? Although it is a niche, code writers are not the only ones that will enjoy visiting this blog on a regular basis.

8.) Be Recruited Blog

As a talent agent, it is your job to find the best and you need a way to see all of the upcoming athletes. This website caters to this notion and is a series of blog posts written by young people that want to join a team.

9.) Scout

When you are a recruiter, you need to see all of the best players in action as often as possible. Focusing on college sports, this blog is nationally affiliated with a major network to provide you with all the videos and updates you need.

10.) E-Com Sports Law

In today’s world, laws about sports teams and athletes can change each time the team plays an away game. However, this blog helps sports management stay informed about law issues such as contracts, doping, and more.

11.) Women Talk Sports

Recruiting women for sports means you need to have a constant source of updated videos. Appealing to the agent, this blog focuses on college and high school female athletes.

12.) Sports Pro Media

Far beyond the world of college sports is the pro athlete career manager. Today, this has an international aspect that this blog covers in detail.

13.) Juiced Sports Blog

Now featured by national news media sources, this blog is a roundup for all of the sports management outlets. This includes a wide range of interviews, radio shows and other blogs.

14.) Athletic Women

Do you like your sports with a solid dose of academic feminism? This blog has a university focus and covers a variety of female sports trends.

15.) Business Arena Sports

Today’s high school athletic programs are where tomorrow’s pro stars come from. Keeping you in touch with young athletes on this forefront is this frequently updated sports blog.

In the end, it is clear that the world of sports management is very wide reaching. To boot, unlike other areas of business, sports management-related blogs are extremely interesting by default. With careful research, you will have all of the tools necessary to succeed in your undergraduate career and beyond.

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