The 17 Most Interesting Taxation Blogs

Taxation is a very complex process. There are taxes on so many things — income, inheritance, sales, imported goods and others. And all the levels of government in the United States — federal, state and municipal — have some degree of taxing power. Naturally, therefore, each blog on taxation will deal with a specific aspect of the subject and be different from any other. Seventeen of the top taxation blogs are described below. All have been ranked among the best of their kind by either Mauled Again or Invesp.

1) Ataxingmatter

A Taxing Matter is by Lindam Beale, Associate Professor of Law and Director of Graduate Studies at Wayne State University. Its latest post: “Big Business believes in taxpayer subsidies, not ‘free markets.’”

2) Don’t Mess With Taxes

Don’t Mess with Taxes is a blog devoted to making tax filing easier. A daily tax tip is placed in the right-hand column; the most recent is “Put your money into different tax baskets.”

3) International Tax Blog

International Tax Blog deals with “new and interesting international tax issues.” It is sponsored by international tax attorney Andrew Mitchel, LLC.

4) Jack Bog’s Blog

“When it rains, it pours.” So goes the latest post to Jack Bog’s Blog, which is currently on indefinite hiatus.

5) Roth & Co.

Roth & Co. is a tax update blog. It also includes an Iowa Bank tax guide and a “tax notebook.”

6) TaxProf Blog

The TaxProf Blog is by Paul L. Caron, a member of the Law Professor Blogs Network. It has received more visitors than any other law-edited blog by a single law professor.

7) Taxable Talk

Taxable Talk is a blog by Russ Fox, E.A., of Clayton Financial & Tax of Las Vegas and Bethesda. The information found there is not meant to be taken as tax advice.

8) The Tax Girl

The Tax Girl is part of the website of the eminent Forbes magazine. An “Ask the Tax Girl” section is devoted to questions that members might have.

9) The Wandering Tax Pro

The Wandering Tax Pro devotes itself specifically to taxes imposed by the government of New Jersey. Here citizens of that state can find up-to-date advice and information on state taxes and rebates.

10) Understanding Tax

Understanding Tax was created by Theodore Seto, professor of tax law and policy at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. It is currently dealing with what might turn out to be a debt crisis in our country.

11) Consumerism Commentary

Consumerism Commentary is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Its founder, “Flexo,” has contributed to a number of prominent magazines on news and computers, including Forbes, PC Magazine and U.S. News & World Report.

12) Tax Policy Center

Tax Policy Center focuses on “independent, timely, accessible analyses of current and emerging tax policy issues.” The site also has pages on tax topics and facts.

13) The Tax Lawyer’s Blog

It is only natural that tax lawyers should have blogs of their own. Such a one is the Tax Lawyer’s Blog.

14) Dollar Versity

Are you tired of reading the same things in the same way, and longing to be entertained as well as informed and to have information presented from a fresh perspective? If so, then Dollar Versity is for you — it will introduce you to numerous tools and resources, both business and personal, that you will need to do your tax financing, and subscribers will receive an occasional giveaway.

15) Tax Relief Blog

By this time you are probably wondering, “But what about blogs that tell me how and where to find relief from all these taxes? Well ask no further: That is just the kind of blog that Roni Deutsch has, and though it is ranked 18th by Invesp, it deserves to be included here.

16) Talking Taxes

Talking Taxes is another tax relief blog maintained by the grassroots organization Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ). Their site is currently undergoing some renovation, and when that is done it will look more attractive than ever.

17) Taxable Talk

Taxable Talk, the last blog discussed here, is the work of Russ Fox, E.A., a member of Clayton Financial and Tax (also mentioned above). Among other things, you will find humorous “bozo tax tips” on this blog.

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