The 18 Best Real Estate Blogs

Real estate is a complex and evolving market. Investors, buyers, and sellers all need to stay up to date with the current market situations. Thankfully, there are numerous real estate blogs covering every real estate topic imaginable. Below is a series of blogs that cover every topic from A-Z.

1. Sellsius

Sellsius is one of the most interesting real estate blogs to read. It has information covering nearly every corner of the real estate market, including financing, market trends, marketing, and technology.

2. Urban Digs

Urban Digs may cover topics related to the Manhattan real estate market, but it also provides useful information about economic issues that affect the global real estate market.

3. Nubricks

Unlike the numerous local real estate blogs found online, Nubrick is strictly dedicated to international property investment, global economic developments, and international real estate news. This blog is a must read for anyone interested in overseas real estate investment.

4. Overseas Property Mall

As the name suggests, Overseas Property Mall also covers the international real estate markets. In addition to articles and commentary on international markets and economic conditions, the blog also incorporates archived press releases, interviews with foreign real estate professionals, and videos.

5. Real Estate Tomato

Before starting the Real Estate Tomato blog, publisher Jim Cronin was an esteemed internet marketing consultant. He has married the two topics beautifully in this blog, covering all aspects of real estate marketing on the internet.

6. Realty Thoughts

The content providers and publishers of this informational blog create useful web applications for the public as well as service providers. Though this terrific service is offered through the blog, it also discusses in depth the various technologies that influence the real estate market and real estate professionals in general.

7. REI Blog

When the REI Blog was first launched, it originally focused on interviews with real estate investors. Though interviews are still conducted and showcased, the blog now acts as a news source, providing information on trends in real estate financing and investment strategies.

8. Soapbox

This blog is dedicated solely to the real estate appraisal industry. However, it does provide useful information for anyone interested in the current trends that influence home prices and values.

9. 4 Realz

4 Realz is a user-friendly and creatively interactive blog that revolves around legislation, issues, and technology that act as a driving force in the real estate market. It is a fun and quirky site that is definitely worth visiting.

10. Bigger Pockets

The real estate blog on Bigger Pockets may be a subsidy of the main site, but it is a very beneficial networking and communication platform for real estate agents, brokers, and investors across the globe.

11. Bloodhound Blog

Bloodhound Blog consists of user-generated content provided from some of the leading service providers in the nation. Lenders, agents, brokers, stagers, technology experts, and real estate investment experts provide their useful knowledge of any real estate related topic.

12. Future of Real Estate Marketing

The founder of this real estate advertising and marketing blog, Joel Burslem, uses his extensive public relations and marketing background to provide useful insight about up to date real estate marketing strategies.

13. Grow A Brain

Grow A Brain may not cover real estate explicitly, but the website does provide unique insight into the most popular online topics. The site’s creator, Hanan Levin, specializes in real estate investment, and often provides unique posts regarding the subject.

14. Hot Property

The Hot Property blog, produced by BusinessWeek, covers controversial political and economic issues that affect the real estate market. Readers visit the Hot Property blog for an honest assessment about the factors influencing real estate.

15. Inman Blog

This blog is often found on most top blog lists for good reason: it covers real-time news that directly affects the global real estate markets.

16. Matrix

Similar to the Inman Blog, the Matrix blog provides streaming information relating to real estate topics that comes directly form news media outlets. It is offers a straightforward and honest assessment on what drives trends in the real estate industry.

17. RCG

Unlike other blogs on this list, the Rain City Blog focuses specifically on the real estate happenings of a single location, Seattle. RCG is a collaborative effort with content contributors from a variety of sources around the greater Seattle area. The blog’s readers are what make it especially interesting. Most of the posts have very interesting comments from readers that provide additional insight about the local market.

18. Zillow Blog

The employees of Zillow produce this blog in order to inform consumers about the things that affect them in the real estate market. The real estate market information on the Zillow Blog is researched, well thought out, and accurately portrayed.

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