The 25 Most Riveting History Blogs

“Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” One of the more famous sayings regarding history, it’s also one of the most critical reasons why history is important. History is not only studying the past and present, but also the future. History gives us a sense of who we were, who we are, and who we will be in the years ahead.

Whether studying Ancient Greeks and Romans, Egyptians, the Civil War or the Old West history is a subject we can always take something from and apply it to our lives today. History sometimes presents more questions than answers, yet it is a subject that must be pursued in order to make today’s world a better place to live. Historians are always willing and eager to share information about our past, and a great way to do so is with blogs.

For future historians or those who consider it a hobby, there are history blogs discussing almost any event from the beginning of time to today. Both professional and amateur historians have created blogs with reports, pictures, interviews and more to satisfy the inquiring minds of history buffs everywhere. Below are 25 of the most interesting history blogs on the web.

Alistair’s African History Blog offers many short yet very interesting posts about the history of Africa. Everything from the creation of the French Foreign Legion to the independence of Ghana and more can be found.

American Creation is a history blog that closely examines the relationship between the founding of America and religious beliefs at the time. Emphasizing discussion, debate and insight, the site welcomes all discussion and comments from interested readers.

American Presidents Blog is maintained by history teachers from the public school and collegiate levels. Everything you always wanted to know about each President and First Lady can be found on this site.

Quodlibeta translates as “whatever you like,” and that is what this site is all about. Created by historians and philosophers, its posts focus on how religion, science and history come together to create Christian cultures and societies.

Blog Them Out of the Stone Age is a very thought-provoking site discussing the relationship between education and warfare. Created by an Ohio State University professor, it offers a broad perspective to readers interested in military history and thought.

Civil Warriors focuses mostly on what it’s named after, the Civil War. Named one of the Best Group Blogs, it offers many interesting facts not only about the Civil War, but also tips on how to make history teaching more appealing.

Ether Wave Propaganda originates from London, and focuses on the history of science and technology. Those with a knowledge of general science can follow along, but it’s mostly aimed toward those working in academia.

Frog in a Well: China offers readers everything about Chinese history past and present. Maintained by Chinese historians, it has everything from the history of the chinese wheelbarrow to asian media and more.

Frog in a Well: Korea is to Korea what the above blog is to China. The history of Korea, both North and South, is discussed along with Korean literature, warfare and more.

Got Medieval is one of the more humorous history blogs on the web. Written by Yale Medieval Studies graduate student Carl Pyrdum, the site is a treasure trove for those interested in the Knights of the Round Table and other tidbits of that era, all presented with a witty twist.

History and the Sock Merchant offers a variety of opinions, research and book reviews about modern history. Highlighted with humor, the site’s goal is to make history interesting and accessible to people of all ages and educational levels.

History Unfolding offers insightful and interesting analysis of today’s most pressing current events. Written by a political and criminal historian, it discusses everything from JFK’s assassination to the current nuclear crisis with North Korea.

Informed Comment is one of the best blogs out there emphasizing Middle Eastern history. Written by University of Michigan professor Juan Cole, it discusses how the region’s history and religion have come together to create conflicts then and now.

Muhlberger’s World History is filled with interesting commentary, discussion and news regarding ancient, islamic, medieval and world history. Topics discussed include the Iraq War, how technology impacts history and the Papal election.

Past is Present is a blog maintained by the American Antiquarian Society, a national research library located in Massachusetts. The site discusses and has for viewing printed materials up to 1876 from British North America, which would later become the United States, Canada and the West Indies.

Philobiblon is one of the few historical blogs that focuses on the history of women. Written from a female perspective, it emphasizes how politics, science and literature influenced women throughout history.

Points is a blog compiled by members of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society, and offers a continual list of interesting interviews and book reviews. Recognized for its concise and thoughtful writing on the subject, the blog details the long and complicated history of alcohol and drugs.

Religion in American History discusses the role of religion in the culture and history of America. One of the major topics of emphasis is today’s role of online education in higher education, particularly how it is used to teach religion classes.

Sean’s Russia Blog is written by a Northern Illinois University history professor who specializes in Russian history. Providing readers with candid and reflective posts on Russian history, politics and culture the blog is quite popular with those history buffs interested in everything from Lenin to Putin.

Sparta is a blog with a focus on Ancient Greek and Spartan history, and is the official blog of a leading historical journal on Greek history. One of the few blogs out there on this subject, it provides readers with news, thoughts and observations.

A Student of History puts most of its emphasis on the Civil War, but is also interested in other American military history. Created by an American military historian, it also encourages readers to question the broader topics of military methods and education.

Time to Eat the Dog is a blog devoted to the history of exploration worldwide, focusing on the events and people involved with major historical expeditions. Offering news and commentary, it helps readers examine exploration’s place in the history of science and culture.

U.S. Intellectual History is a blog created and maintained by the Society for U.S. Intellectual, a group devoted to providing the world with innovative thoughts, engaging reviews and fascinating news about history past and present. Its members take great pride in analyzing history from all perspectives and allowing readers to draw their own conclusions about events.

The Victorian Peeper offers a unique perspective on the history of 19th-century Britain. Filled with spectacular images and witty commentary throughout, the blog’s historian captivates people with the fascinating and sometimes mysterious world of Victorian-era England.

World War II History is a blog compiled by a war historian and memorabilia collector with a deep interest and incredible knowledge of what’s known as the “Great War.” With daily updates, news, pictures and even podcasts readers can experience the ups and downs of a period of history few will ever forget.

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