The “Bad” College Trends

If we’re just being honest, there’s a few “extra-curriculars” that high school and college students express excitement for. More specifically, I’m talking about ones that are bad for either body, mind, or both. In the past I have talked of a drug that college students tend to use for exams and tests – Adderall. In this post, I will be discussing several trends that high school and college students tend to be fond of – but not for the purpose of good test grades. No – instead, these are used for recreational purposes.

"Trends" doesn't mean it's good or legal. (photo by Torben Bjorn Hansen)

“Trends” doesn’t mean it’s good or legal. (photo by Torben Bjorn Hansen)

#1. Marijuana

You’ve probably dormed with a greasy-haired alternative guy who put up a poster with a marijuana symbol on his side of the room. Or if you haven’t, you’ve seen a friend sport a shirt with a marijuana leaf on it. Regardless, this trend reaches out to more than just the youth of the nation. But for this case, I will talk of how popular marijuana is with the college-aged students. As it turns out, marijuana use in college may just increase your risk of leaving school. They claim in this article as posted originally by that the drug had interfered with goals that the students had had for themselves.

#2. Alcohol

I’ve talked about alcohol awareness month in a previous post, because of the fears that we will lose someone between the time of prom and graduation. It’s important to not drink and drive. It’s important to make sure that you’re safe and so are the people around you. Of course, this trend is big at parties and even small hang outs. Why? Because it helps people to get loose. And because apparently it’s cool to swim with alligators, make out with someone you don’t remember, and throw up on the side of your friend’s vehicle. Classy, huh?

#3. Hookah

This one may be the “okay” one out of the three I have mentioned so far, simply because it is legal at 18. Of course I say that because most people entering college aren’t old enough to consume alcohol for a couple years longer, legally. For those of you who do not know what Hookah is, it’s basically tobacco and water. It’s accordingly the equivalent of smoking an entire package of cigarettes in one session, which usually lasts about an hour. For whatever reason (perhaps it’s the cool tricks you can do with the smoke) hookah is sort of a bonding experience and is one of the biggest college trends, despite the fact that it is terrible for you – much like everything else in this article.

#4. Synthetic Cannibis 

What was synthesized in the early 2000s as a means to emulate weed without appearing in THC tests, this drug, which is known as “Spice,” has been the object of many tears. I, myself, have seen a student use spice at school, then proceed to pass out at the lunch tables – only to be carried away by paramedics. Of course, everyone is getting a little bit smarter about Spice – but of course, the people who are more inclined to smoke synthetic cannibis are college students who swear they are by every account of the word, invincible.

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