The Basic Training Checklist: Army

Fairly recently, a good friend of mine left to complete basic training for the Army. Then it occurred to me, how absolutely proud I am of him for doing something with his life – and how great it is that even though college isn’t right for him right now, he can go back to it later after enlisting. So, I put myself in his shoes and decided that – for all of you readers out there who aren’t sure what to do with their lives but are contemplating entering the military – I would post this Basic Training Checklist.

It is one of the most inspirational things to join any branch of the military. (photo by isafmedia)

It is one of the most inspirational things to join any branch of the military. (photo by isafmedia)

The recruiter will say, as according to, that you have to have these things to ship out to basic military training-

  • one change of clothes
  • direct deposit form
  • personal hygiene kit
  • picture identification, ie. drivers license
  • two combination locks, which are optional but they recommend

There are however, some other documents you must bring…

  • if you have children, bring your children’s official birth certificates
  • your social security card
  • banking account information to establish your military pay – through direct deposit
  • marriage certificates, if applicable as well

Now here’s the things that you need to bring for yourself – but remember to pack lightly! Also remember that airports won’t let you take industrial sized bottles of liquids. So shampoo and conditioner need to be in small, travel sized parts.

  • two plain towels (optional)
  • stationary and stamps (optional)
  • sports bras for females (optional)
  • regular bras for females (optional)
  • white calf-length socks (optional)
  • hair ties, for females, in natural hair color (optional)
  • shower shoes (plain) (also optional)
  • female hygiene items

Keep in mind, although I’m sure a lot of this is already common sense – that you can not bring certain items. I had a friend in basic training who was even told to regulate her underwear to a certain type of plain white undies. Even her bras had to be regulated. Although, I am curious as to who is checking if her underwear is plain white or not…

These are the items that you can not, under any circumstances, bring:

  • Tobacco items
  • Knives
  • Pornographic material
  • Lighters
  • Products containing alcohol
  • Medication not prescribed by military medical personnel
  • Magazines, or newspapers
  • Large, bulky items (not very specific, but again, travel lightly!)
  • Jewelry, other than your wedding ring/band
  • Food

If you are entering the army and going through basic training – good luck. You are an inspiration to society, and you are doing things that I myself have contemplated, but could not bring myself to do. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to withstand the tribulations that come along with joining any branch of the military. And once more, I would just like to say thank you. The journey is just about to unfold!

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