The Benefits of Online Nursing Programs

With the changes in the healthcare field making it more complex and more demanding, many Registered Nurses seek ways to advance their careers. One important step is obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

While several colleges and universities offer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, many nurses choose to look at online university programs to obtain their degrees.

Benefits of Advancing from RN to BSN Online

One of the benefits of an online nursing program is the flexibility it offers to students. Many nurses who seek to advance their education currently have full-time jobs and many have families to tend to. An online program offers the flexibility to balance career, family and education.

Online programs may also offer a wider variety of degree options than a local university. In some areas, especially those in a rural setting, a traditional university is not available or the distance and time required to travel to the university is too great to be considered. Obtaining a degree online eliminates extra travel time required to attend classes at a not-so0local university or college campus.

Those who participate in an online degree program have the ability to submit assignments and contribute to discussions when it suits their schedules. Students who have a nursing job at the time of their enrollment don’t have to worry about interfering class and work schedules when they choose an online classroom instead of the traditional setting.

Class size in a university setting can make it difficult for a student to obtain all of the information he or she needs and the ability to participate in discussions can be difficult. With an online program, class sizes are smaller or better managed, allowing every student the opportunity to participate in a discussion by posting his or her thoughts.

An online nursing program allows students to network and connect with classmates and faculty from across the country or around the world. This feature is unique to the online learning environment.

Some students feel that face-to-face interaction is important when obtaining their degree. However, if a student is enrolled in an RN to BSN program, she has the opportunity to use her current place of employment for any practicum or clinical requirements.


Students seeking an RN to BSN program from an online university program should be sure to check the accreditation of the program. A quality program should be accredited by either the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education or the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

Faculty and Coursework

Faculty who teach courses should be experienced and certified in their area of expertise. Faculty members should demonstrate expertise based on academic preparation and their experience. Students should find the coursework is up-to-date and they are given assignments directly related to workplace experience.

It is also important for students to research the length of time that the online university has been in operation.

An online university program that has several years of experience, a professional and experienced staff and proper accreditation can ensure students will receive the highest quality educational experience as they advance from RN to BSN.

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