The Best 19 Finance Blogs Online

Managing money is an essential life skill that can make or break your career. There are many great finance blogs out there that will help you save, manage and invest your money. From blogs that help you earn more money, increase your passive income or simply become a better consumer, there are great sources online for everything money-related. Check out the top 19 finance blogs and keep more of your money.

1. Wise Bread
The leading site for everything saving, frugality and investing. One of the most popular finance blogs on the Web. Find tips on increasing income and maximizing savings. This blog is updated regularly and offers great tips.

2. Money Crashers
A great site to learn simple investing techniques from the pros. Updated daily with stock tips, savings advice and more.

3. Get Rich Slowly
A fantastic blog with tips about building wealth over time through passive income. Many expert opinions and tips on the site. Instead of quick fix schemes to make money quick, this site offers sound financial advice.

4. 20 Something Finance
Chock full of information on finance for young adults. Offers tips on when to start saving and how to maximize your investments.

5. Len Penzo dot com
Tips on everything from how to avoid paying too much for a car and how to live well on $40,000 a year. A must read.

6. Money Ning
Everything you ever wanted to know about money in one great blog. Information on saving, banking and frugal living.

7. Consumerism Commentary
An in-depth blog about the affects of consumerism on personal finance. A great read for anyone looking to decrease expenses and save.

8. Budgets are Sexy
A new twist on the old, boring budget. This blog tackles new and innovative ways to budget and preserve cash.

9. The Simple Dollar
Great insights into frugal living and penny pinching. The Simple Dollar emphasizes living simply without getting into debt. It also offers helpful tips on paying down debt and increasing savings.

10. Consumerist
A real gem when it comes to everything consumers want to know. From information on adult summer camps to where to find the best deals on electronics, Consumerist has everything you need to know to be an informed consumer.

11. Money Saving Mom
This mom gives great tips on how to save on groceries, housewares and more. Get expert tips on how to save money and invest. This mom offers everything you need to live well on less. Her blog features links to coupon resources, time savers and more.

12. Good Financial Cents
When you want to know if your decision will make good financial sense, check out this blog first.

13. Frugal Dad
This blog’s owner must be the most frugal man in the country. He offers great tips on everything from how to increase your income to how to bake your own bread. Frugal Dad is the Web’s top expert on how to live well on practically nothings. He offers advice on buying a home vs. renting, purchasing a new car and maximizing your income.

14. Three Thrifty Guys
Started by three friends, this site offers tips on increasing income and saving money. Three Thrifty Guys also makes excellent recommendations on suggested reading.

15. Retire by 40
As the name suggests, this blog offers tips on how you can invest enough to retire by age 40. The blog’s owner successfully managed his money and is now happily retired. He offers tips on investing, cutting expenses and increasing incomes.

16. Passive Panda
This site is the number one resource for earning money through passive income. Find ways to earn residual income and increase your savings. This site explores topics like earning royalties, increasing income through affiliate marketing and selling your intellectual work. Passive Panda is an excellent source for people who want to earn money without extra effort.

17. Everything Finance
This blog focuses on everything finance from finding the best mortgage rates to getting a good deal on a credit card and starting a small home business.

18. I Will Teach You to be Rich
With a wealth of information on how to become wealthy, this blog is full of useful information on finance. Find free downloads and links to e-books, podcasts and more. Find out the secrets that only the pros know about how to maximize your earnings.

19. Mint
This popular budgeting website offers a handy Web application and budgeting tips. Mint is a great resource for anyone looking to learn to save, invest and earn.

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