The Best Online SAT Prep Courses

SAT scores can impact not only your admission to the school of your choice, but also your eligibility for great scholarships that can make college easier to afford, and with college admissions becoming increasingly competitive, more and more students are turning to online prep courses to help them prepare.   Here are some respected online SAT prep courses at a variety of price points that might help you prepare to get the best score you can on your SAT test!

An online SAT prep course can help you ace test day! (photo by jeffweese).

–          The Princeton Review SAT Online. The Princeton Review’s highly-rated  self-guided SAT Online course consists  of interactive online lessons that will help you prepare for the variety and type of questions you will find on the SAT. Four complete online practice SAT tests are included with this review course, as well as a variety of other practice quizzes. The self-guided nature of this course will allow for a busy student to prep as your schedule allows, but requires self-disciple to complete the whole course in a timely manner. The Princeton Review’s Online SAT Course costs $299 and the company estimates it should take about 25 hours to complete.  The Princeton Review does guarantee the results of their test prep courses with some restrictions.

–          The Official SAT Online Course. The Official SAT Online Course is developed by the College Board, the makers of the actual SAT test. The online course consists of 18 separate lessons designed to help you master the skills that you will need for the actual test. There are ten full online practice SAT tests, plus practice questions and essays, included in the subscription.  The Official SAT Online Course gives students a full year to master the materials, allowing a student to move as quickly or slowly as they need to really understand the concepts.  The Official SAT Online Course costs $69.96, but the College Board recommends that The Official SAT Study Guide be purchased for an additional $21.99.

–          Peterson’s Online Course for the SAT. Peterson’s online SAT test prep uses a pretest to specifically target the online course to your areas of weakness, which allows you to spend more time on areas you need more practice in and skip areas where you don’t need help.  The course consists of games that help teach the skills you’ll need to master the SAT, vocabulary flashcards to help master the high frequency words that are a big part of the SAT, and three full practice SAT tests.  Peterson’s online prep course gives students 120 days from the date of purchase to master the materials, and costs $119.95.

–          Number2. Number2’s online test prep service uses lots of practice to teach essential skills. At Number2, all practice problems get automatic feedback, explaining why a question is answered a certain way. This helps you learn skills as you practice, allowing you to prepare to master the SATs.  The feedback given to answers is designed to help you think through the complicated questions, teaching you the critical thinking skills you are going to need on SAT test day. Number2 uses email reminders to keep you actively practicing for your SAT test and a personalized homepage that keeps tabs on your progress, prompting you to work on areas that you need the most help in.  Number2 is a free online test prep service, and there is an unlimited amount of time to work through the practice!

Remember, before beginning on your SAT practice, to carefully evaluate your options for college admissions exams. While some students are likely to do best on the SAT, there are other tests that might work best for your specific strengths. Compare the SAT with the ACT test to evaluate which is best for you.

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  2. Missa says:

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