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As we near the end of the school year (only about two or three more months left guys, let’s keep up the motivation!) we also near closer to exams. More prominently and closer in proximity, Advanced Placement exams. Although we may not feel prepared currently, the way we study for our Advanced Placement exams will define us in how well we do on them. Perhaps you are an extrinsic learner, in which case, this article will be perfect for you. Below, there will be several places that I find are the best to study in – that you can do alone, or perhaps with friends.

The library has an abundance of books in which you can study with. (photo by twechy)

The library has an abundance of books in which you can study with. (photo by twechy)


If you have ever had the chance to go to a Panera restaurant, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that the place is relaxing. The music is calm, soothing, but doesn’t make you sleepy, which is nice for those of us who want to get work done or just need a simple break before going back to work. Not only are the restaurants calm environments, they are only occasionally busy – meaning several people could be there at once since there are many seats available.


Don’t have the funds to go out to eat to study? Perhaps you don’t even have materials necessary – such as internet or books such as Barron’s guide and Kaplan guides. A bookstore is a great way to view the material for free – just bring some flashcards handy and a pen, and you’re set to go! As for internet – many bookstores may not have that prospect available. Thankfully, the next best thing does.

Place #3. A LIBRARY

Libraries offer the same environment as a bookstore, excluding the fact that libraries are usually much quieter than a bookstore. Libraries generally all have internet access too! Again, you may want to bring flashcards and a pen handy so you can annotate upon what you’re trying to study.


With the array of indie music and free wifi, Starbucks may be another great place to go – like Panera. Also – what better for a late night coffee run? I don’t condone cramming as it proves less effective than longitudinal learning – however, if you feel that the only way you’re going to pass an exam is by cramming, then by all means, try to.

Needless to say, there are countless places you can go to. I tried to name all of the general/abundant places that I could think of. However, keep in mind that local restaurants are usually very quiet and small as well. Frankly, you know what you can handle (noise-wise and environment-wise) and locations better than I do.

If none of these seem to do it for you, why not just have a study date at a friends? Have more than two people so that you all will keep each other focused. Quizzing each other, studying with each other, and making subject matter matter to you is key in a situation like that.

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