The Best Stores for Your Dorm Room Needs

It’s Summertime, but some students have one thing on their minds: dorms. Granted, they have every right to, considering they or their parents are paying for the cramped room they will stay in for the next couple of years. Now is the prime time for buying new organization materials, as well as bedding, wall decor, and a plethora of other things that will personalize your stay in your college dorm. From the overused cheetah print bedspread to the Sex Pistols poster you’re eagerly looking to showcase, these stores that I am about to share with you should be more than enough for all of your collegiate needs.

Decorating your dorm is one of the funnest parts of rooming. (photo by Bornman818)

Decorating your dorm is one of the funnest parts of rooming. (photo by Bornman818)

#1. IKEA

IKEA, home of Swedish meatballs and fairly cheap furniture – this may be your first and only stop. After all, the store is organized in such a way that you have to view everything before leaving. The only foreseeable downfall to purchasing large items from IKEA seems to be that you’d have to put the items together yourself. Nonetheless, IKEA is your average furniture store, selling everything from nightstands to spaghetti.

#2. Bed, Bath, and Beyond

What’s awesome about Bed, Bath, and Beyond is that right now (and I mean literally, right now) they have free shipping on thousands of items. So if a Bed, Bath, and Beyond is not in your location, that is more than fine! They compensate for it with their transportation of goods! They also have a “Shop for College” section right now that could be just the thing you were looking for! Feel free to print out their checklist if you need to.

#3. Old Time Pottery Barn

You won’t find any horses or pigs here – unless they are in ceramic form (although I would suggest not glitzing out your dorm room with pig paraphernalia!) However, the one thing I find here that could really come in handy in college is their baskets, which are under “home decor” if you care to look. Most college dorms have beds that are elevated, so that you have space underneath. To keep it tidy under there, instead of somewhere that a monster would reside, use baskets and organize your clutter.

#4. Home Goods

Owned by the same companies that brought us Marshalls and TJ Maxx, Home Goods is basically their version of a home good store (assuredly why their name is “Home Goods.”) Anyway – like the stores Marshalls and TJ Maxx, they offer department store goods at a fraction of the cost. If you’re paying to personalize your own dorm, this may be just what you needed – considering the prices are significantly dropped. Even still, it, along with all of the aforementioned stores, are worth the shot and your time.

I chose the stores because of their ease of access and wide variety of goods and styles, so hopefully you will take my word and go visit one of them for your dorm room needs.

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