The Best Way to Sell Your Textbooks

One of my five classes this semester is about to end this month. And although I am stressed about how well I’m doing in the classes, there is a plus side to the stress of a final exam – the satisfaction of knowing I will soon have money back in my pocket from selling back my textbooks! And then it occurred to me – my college will most likely rip me off. In fact, I know they will, because at the beginning of the semester I dropped a course in place of another, and the book that I bought from campus for seventy-five dollars was then sold back for a hefty sum of twenty-five dollars. And that’s just frankly not something I am willing to do.

You can sell your textbooks back, provided they aren't moldy. (photo by Enokson)

You can sell your textbooks back, provided they aren’t moldy. (photo by Enokson)

I’m sorry, but college is just too expensive to believe. It scares me because I’m spending so much money to make such little money, with my most prominent prospective major being in childhood education. Yeah, no. Anyway, back to the matter at hand —

What I have found is that the best way to sell your textbooks is online. Even Lifehacker, though giving other options to you like listing the book at your college to sell at a lower price than what the campus is selling for – says that selling your books online may be the best option.

You can compare the prices of your textbooks on several textbook sites, such as Chegg, Amazon, Bigwords, among others. They each have their own advantages, which you can read about in this article that I had previously posted. If the main textbook sites have different price listings on their websites, I would take the average of the several numbers to find a fair price for your book.

Bigwords will actually be one of the best sources to compare your prices. You can basically search the book through the ISBN number or the title, and get a list of the sites that would be willing to buy back your book – the prices and the shipping costs included.

Or you can opt for five dollars less than the heaviest price, considering two weeks into the class some student is going to freak out and buy a textbook at any price. Remember that that includes tax.

Trust me, I know from experience that they will. That unprepared student was little ol’ me!

Two other ways, to go without the use of sites like Chegg and Amazon, are to use Craigslist and eBay.

Trust me, when a person is desperate, they’re going to use those sites too. Craigslist is probably one of the better choices, considering you can easily refer to which class you took the book for – which makes it easier for students to use. Just be safe about where you go to make the transaction!

With all of that being said, good luck on selling your textbooks! You are going to need it!

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