The Big Decision

As the school year comes to a close, the hardest decision is choosing which college to attend. The seniors are compiled with pressure, stress, and expectations to fulfill. What is the right way to make the decision? Which angles should it be looked at and what factors should be included. Although this decision may be different and circumstantial to everyone, the way to easing the difficulty is quite simple.

You won't always make the right choices, but it's important to learn from those mistakes. (photo by @boetter)

Which decision will you make? (photo by @boetter)


The application process – the first, simplest and easiest task. Discussing which school you would like to attend is a fairly easy task but ensuring you will get admitted is better. Apply early and always apply to at least four to five schools in case a few do not work out. That way, although you are paying a small amount for the application fee, you meet the deadline for most of the university’s scholarships.  It may also take a bit of time for the university to respond and if you are a slight shy of the requirements, it gives you time to improve your SAT/ACT scores or GPA.

College Tours

Once you have applied and received admittance letters from the universities, the next step is to set up tour appointments. These can easily be done at the school’s website and quite flexible. The biggest mistake is to make a decision without visiting the campus first. You need to get a first hand look at how the school feels for you and if the environment is going to provide the comfortable atmosphere for your future. Often, students make decisions without touring and make the deposit too quickly without seeing how the school actually feels. Campus tours are designed for this purpose and will most likely help you narrow down the list. If you already know your major, there is also a tour of your major.


After you have toured the campus, you may need just a bit more information. This is when you do the research. Learn everything you need to know about the school. It may be easier to write down all the pros and cons and what school has what. A huge part of it would be the tuition fees and how much you will be looking to spend. It will significantly change your view for schools as to see which is worth the money and not. Research the sports, clubs, programs, and colleges within. Make sure this college guarantees the best education for you.

Making the Final Decision

All right, so you have been accepted, visited the campus, done the research, what is next? The next step is to give yourself the right amount of time to make a rational decision. Do not let the pressure and expectations affect your choice – do what is better for you in the long run. Making a rash decision will make you regret it and extract all the happiness from your college experience. Making the decision is ultimately your choice. If your parents do not like a certain school, talk it out with them and provide your list of reasons. Choosing a college is a huge decision and should be your own. Overall, the decision you do make will be better in the end if it was your own.

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