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Most colleges and universities require that students have a high school diploma or GED in hand before applying. But students who don’t have a diploma, or even a GED, may not know where to go to prepare for that exam. Many colleges and universities give college credit for passing grades on CLEP and DANTES exams, among others, which reduces students’ overall tuition bill. Those who aren’t sure whether they have what it takes to CLEP out of a class or two, or even whether they have what it takes to be an online student, may be stuck. They aren’t ready to jump into a degree program at a college or university, and don’t know where to turn.

That is where The College Network (TCN) comes in. Since 1992, TCN has provided e-learning modules, so that students can prepare to take equivalency exams, such as GED and CLEP. TCN is not a school, so it is not accredited, but it partners with accredited colleges and universities. TCN acts as a portal, preparing students for the rigors of online learning. Students of TCN can ease into the college-level work, because the TCN modules are self-paced. Students study when and where they want, slowly building up their learning and studying skills, without being tied to a schedule. After completion of the required modules, students of TCN may be able to CLEP out of many of their general education core courses, without ever having attended a college class.

Students are not left on their own, though. TCN’s trained Academic Support team is available to offer whatever assistance a struggling student might need. The Online Resource Center aids student learning with drag and drop technology, visual aids, practice exams, and more, to bring education to life. Plus, TCN provides step-by-step tutorials and one-on-one aid “to help our customers learn more about their learning styles, methods of learning, and how to succeed while studying independently”.

TCN operates on six core values:

  • quality
  • learning
  • innovation
  • excellence
  • integrity
  • service

Once a student has completed a module, he is eligible to sign up for an equivalency exam. Once the student has the necessary equivalency exams under his belt, TCN will assist in filing all of the paperwork necessary for the student to transition to an appropriate college. TCN also provides exam preparation for licenses and certificates.

TCN now also offers accredited continuing nursing education contact hours to help meet nursing licensure requirements. The College Network is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s COA. Completion of each of the following courses is worth 2.5 contact hours toward state requirements:

Whether you’ve ever taken a college course, or never even finished high school, or whether you are looking to get a professional or state license, TCN can assist you with the course materials and study aids that you will need to take that first step on the path to higher education and a better paying career.

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