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The College of Saint Benedict is one of two colleges participating in the co-partnership of College of Saint Benedict – Saint John’s University, for women and men, respectively. They are both liberal arts colleges set in the Catholic tradition and are two of the top three Catholic colleges in the United States and also the largest liberal arts colleges in the United States. While the two share academic programs the two colleges maintain their own distinct traditions and confer their own separate degrees.

Enrollment tops 3,800 students with a good student to faculty ratio of 14 to 1. Between the two colleges, that is a reasonable ratio considering many students frequently cross campuses to take courses in either institution. The combined approach to education leaves the right combination of small classes and open classes for students participating in intercollegiate programs.

The colleges do not currently feature any distance learning programs, however, the standard trend of integrating technology into campus activity will eventually prompt the pair to expand their programs to an online platform for working adults and isolated students. Tuition for full-time students amounts to $28,122 per year with part-time students paying $1,172 per credit hour. Financial aid is made plentiful by the two schools with 97% of students receiving institutional grants and the same percentage receiving some form of financial aid.

Generally speaking, the colleges follow in the footsteps of Benedictine traditions with Benedictine men and women involved as faculty, administrators and alumni. On that same note, students of all faiths are welcomed without question, for the colleges want to create a non-denominational platform for religious study while preserving their own traditions.

What Benedictine tradition means for the college atmosphere is that not only are the cultured individuals of that sect involved in orchestrating the college education, but they are present in prayerful communities and sects around the campus. Students are encouraged to model after members of the monastic communities by cultivating a love of God, a love of their neighbors, and a self-respect using good listening skills, the power of worship, and, most importantly, humane living.

Popular studies include Speech and Rhetorical Studies, General Psychology, Biology/Biological Sciences, Nursing/Registered Nurse, and Business Administration & Management. All of these interests are fairly evenly distributed, as the college as programs that are well accounted for in each area of study. A large, broad range of majors are available for study and can lead to a variety of degrees dependent upon which college the student chooses to study at.

To crown all of this, staff and students are all welcoming and friendly because they share the universal understanding of what harmony means in life, spirit, and general welfare. There is no reason for the student to learn in passivity when the confidence to move forward is ever present. Soon, the colleges will be enrolling students from all over the country, online, and around the world.

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